"People need a solid launchpad. Most don't have it - Catalyst provides it."

"Catalyst is everything no-one teaches you"

Name and Claim Your Power in an Uncertain World

Do You:

  • Have questions about the world and your future?
  • Feel there's more to life than you've been told?
  • Want to create the most fulfilling life you can?
  • Feel unsure of your next step?
  • Long for deep friendships with like-minded people?
  • Feel ready to make your own life decisions?

Catalyst Will Help You:

  • Build confidence as a leader and change-maker
  • Gain clarity about your gifts and your purpose
  • Meet uncertainty with creativity and resilience
  • Experience caring and connected community
  • Meet diverse people making great things happen

Benji, Catalyst 2015

"One of the most important experiences I've ever taken part in. I've learnt how each of us can apply our unique qualities in the world in powerful ways." 

Isobel, Catalyst 2015

Your generation faces huge environmental, social and economic challenges and mind-blowing choices. The Catalyst Course is a 5-day residential rites of passage programme that empowers dynamic 18-25 year olds like you to thrive in uncertain times.

Sama, Catalyst 2015

How Can Catalyst Change Your Life?

Anna, Catalyst 2011

On Catalyst You Will Gain:

  • Deep inner confidence
  • The courage of your convictions
  • Insights into your path, purpose, strengths and challenges
  • Collaborative leadership skills
  • A resilient mindset
  • Tools for communication, creativity and change

Charley, Catalyst 2014

"Catalyst gave me represent a UK network of environmental and social activists"

"Catalyst has anchored me to a community of inspiring, creative young people who want to make positive change in their own lives and in the world"

"Catalyst has given me the courage to completely change my career, to sit more strongly with my values"

What will You have to say about Catalyst 2016?

Whatever your reasons for coming on Catalyst – and everyone’s are different – you will gain the insights and learning you need to step fully and powerfully into your life.

Is Catalyst  For You?

Catalyst is for You if You Want To:

  • Gain skills, tools and confidence to take you forward
  • Free yourself from things that hold you back
  • Have the conversations everyone is thinking but no one is saying
  • Make the most of your opportunities
  • Have space to express yourself and consider your future

What Will You Do on Catalyst?

Daily core structure

  • Wake up session
  • Breakfast
  • Full group plenary exploring key topics
  • Time on the land
  • Lunch
  • Individual and group leadership challenges
  • Reflection and personal time
  • Dinner
  • Evening session
  • Night space

Learn with Head, Heart and Hands

Catalyst is a rich mix of group challenges, creative collaboration, one-to-one mentoring, personal reflection, conversation, peer coaching, and practical work on the land.

As a Catalyst You Will:

  • Build confidence as a leader and change-maker
  • Gain clarity about your gifts and your purpose
  • Meet uncertainty with creativity and resilience
  • Experience caring and connected community
  • Meet diverse people making great things happen
  • Shed the conditioning and expectations of others

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have the life that is waiting for us.”

                                                                                   Joseph Campbell

Catalyst is held at Embercombe, a land-based education centre nestled in a captivating 50-acre valley on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, Devon. You'll sleep in yurts, work in beautiful buildings and on the land, swim in the lake and wander the woodland. You'll eat delightful organic food, much of which is grown and harvested at Embercombe.

Embercombe was established by Mac Macartney in 1999 as a ‘garden to grow people’. Its mission is to inspire a new generation of leaders and change makers - people like you - to take courageous action to create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. A world where people live in communities that care for each other, feel connected to nature and support each other to lead empowered and fulfilling lives.

Where is Catalyst Held?

Johannes Moeller

Drawn by his commitment to environmental activism, Ben was 16 when he first came to Embercombe, where he found a deeper, more powerful cause. His involvement in Catalyst - from participant to facilitator - has been a journey of continual learning and growth. 

Alongside his experience as a storyteller, facilitator and actor, Ben brings deep enthusiasm and love for Embercombe and the Catalyst programme "that launches people into their lives with such power".

Who Will Guide You?

Kanada Elizabeth Gorla

Kanada's core work includes: 

  • developing leaders and change makers of all ages and walks of life 
  • releasing the innate genius of individuals and teams 
  • launching young adults powerfully into the world
  • contributing to the co-creation of cultures ‘worth coming home to'  

Kanada brings her extensive experience as a facilitator and mentor, co-leading many Embercombe programmes.

Johannes is a social entrepreneur, facilitator and coach. He supports people to catalyse positive change in their own lives and communities, in the context of increasing social and environmental challenges.

Founder of Embercombe’s Catalyst Course and Embercombe Trustee, Johannes has a long held deep reverence for the valley known as Embercombe.

Ben Macfadyen

Normally £495   Book with a friend & get 15% off (save £74) 

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11-16 September 2016

A Catalyst place is normally £495, including world-class facilitation, 5 nights accommodation in yurts, scrumptious organic food and station pick-ups and drop-offs. 

Save My Space on Catalyst Now

Save My Space on Catalyst Now

 We're so confident you'll be delighted by Catalyst that, if you feel dissatisfied, we guarantee you a full refund, deposit included! Just contact us in writing within 30 days of completing the course. Full terms on booking.

Become a Catalyst This Summer - Join 372 Alumni!

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

Joseph Campbell

Normally £495 - September early bird places ONLY £445 

(save £50 when you pay by midnight Sunday 31 July) OR

Catalyst runs three times a year, in April, July & September.

If you genuinely can't afford the full fee, we can offer a few bursary places from £295, allocated on case by case basis. Please explain when booking why you require a bursary.

If you have any questions or need help saving your place, please call our friendly team on   +44 (0) 1647 252 983

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The last Catalyst of 2016 will run 11 - 16 September

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