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Alex Moseley

I am delighted to have the privilege of working here at Embercombe.

I had heard about Embercombe from a good friend in Birmingham who raved about the Experience Weekends and The Journey. Sitting in a gazebo overlooking a beautiful garden and woods, he told me about this amazing place. As he was describing what Embercombe meant to him, I could feel the inspiration and place that he held for Embercombe in his heart. I knew then that I had to go there soon.

And lo and behold… I saw the job advert in April!

I have worked in marketing for around 10 years, first in sexual health, marketing training services for a sexual health charity. I then worked at a Quaker study and conference centre in Birmingham. As someone who studied Russian at university, I am passionate about the beauty and power of language and I love to ground the strategic in practical, workable solutions. I have also just finished my training to be a counsellor, and am inspired by the work of building authentic and soulful relationships with others – whether people, animals or the land.

I recently moved with my partner and three cats from Birmingham to Exeter, where we are enjoying being so close to the sea and how everywhere in the city is walkable!

What does Embercombe mean to you?

Embercombe offers the possibilities of re-awakening to myself, to my gifts, to my responsibilities and what I can offer to the world