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Andrew Rose

I became a Trustee of Embercombe in [Dec 2015] and was appointed Treasurer in January 2016. My connection with Embercombe stems from attending a story-telling festival there in [2011] which in turn led me to do the Journey in late 2012. I have since back-rowed on the Journey and attended several other courses and events at Embercombe.

My background is originally in banking and finance after which I spent nearly 15 years as Finance Director of a number of smallish companies in the energy sector. I became increasingly concerned about the heedless exploitation of the earth’s natural resources and wanted to get involved with something which valued the sacredness of the earth and the rituals and customs of those who inhabit her.

As well as my role with Embercombe I am Vice Chairman of a London-based charity which provides shelter and advice for young homeless and jobless, and retain an involvement in several commercial ventures as a director or consultant.

What does Embercombe mean to you?

“A chance to make a difference”