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Caroline Burkie

I ventured to Embercombe for the first time in March when I took part in a singing and nature connection weekend with Sam Lee. A talk from Mac left me beyond inspired and I knew that I was about to embark on a special relationship with this place and it’s people.

In July I was back to re-wild my voice with Briony Greenhill. I experienced a soul-full connection to myself, the land and my fellow voice explorers. I found myself exploring how it really felt to be seen, heard and to push my comfort zone. With its fair share of challenges and deeply enriching realisations, I understood that Embercombe attracts those who seek a difference.

I have spent 8 fulfilling years of my career working for various charities with missions to end factory farming, to providing life enhancing opportunities for children and young people with disabilities. I loved being a Fundraising Manager but it was time to take a side step.

I’m excited and ready to be part of this pivotal time in Embercombe’s history. It’s time to reach more people, to build strong bridges with businesses and their leaders and it is time to realise that the world we imagine is within our reach but it needs us to make it so.

I love to dance and sing. I’m teaching myself how to play the guitar the mo. I adore animals. I’m passionate about truth, following my own path of truth and to inspire others to build a sense of empowerment from living authentically in which ever form that takes.

I recently took part in The Journey at Embercombe and this programme has given me such valuable tools and self belief that I can be me, deliver my gifts to the world and inspire others to be courageous too. I highly recommend it.

What does Embercombe mean to you?

Embercombe ignites inspiration, authenticity, self belief and action. Held within a beautiful valley, people from all walks of life find connection to the leader within themselves, others and nature to create the future that is possible. ‚Äč