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Deborah Antoinette

Deborah’s passion is how playfulness leads to creative acts whether on stage or in life. For her, this work starts with body-connection and nurturing the unique imagination of each individual, and can lead anywhere.

Deborah graduated from London International School of Performance Art, LISPA, in 2011. Since she has worked as an actress, storyteller, assistant director, casting director, and independent producer. She has performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Theatre Des Carmes – Avignon, Keochang International Festival of Theatre – Korea, The Cube and Hamilton House – Bristol. She has directed shows at the Space theatre – London, The Warren – Brighton Fringe. She associate produces shows with Ed Littlewood and with CoResist – Transformative Arts Programme, for companies such as Theatre Sans Frontieres, The Heroine Project, Public Transport & Sarah Corbett, and The What Works.

Deborah facilitates Synaes Theatre’s performance workshops in Bristol at Hamilton House, in Storytelling and Clown, in partnership with Coexist and CoResist. She is launching her work as an independent creative consultant for solo artists and small companies, and has recently worked on the creative development of performances for China Blue Fish, Naomi Smyth and Emily Trott.

What does Embercombe mean to you?

For me Embercombe is about possibilities, bringing the school curriculum to life.