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Glyn Bottrell

Glyn joined Embercombe as Managing Director in May 2016. A strong believer in life long learning with an appetite for new adventures, he has consistently followed his intuition and sought new experiences. This has resulted in an unconventional career path which has taken him to several countries in roles ranging from education to diplomacy, among other things.

In 2012 Glyn decided to leave his diplomatic career of 12 years to explore a growing sense of unease in himself, in the hope of finding more fulfilling work and an opportunity to make a real difference in the world. This decision resulted in a challenging journey of self led inner reflection and learning, which renewed his connection with people and nature, enabling him relate to the world in new, healthier ways.

This journey also helped Glyn identify and value his gift for supporting people, individually and collectively through the challenges of transformational change. Building on his 20 years professional experience in leadership, personal development and change management, he trained as a coach and organisation development professional to support this work, and works independently in these fields.

Glyn was introduced to Embercombe in 2015 through a passing remark from a friend. His first visit to the website told him this was a place he had to be involved in, a feeling confirmed by a visit shortly afterwards. Glyn strongly feels this opportunity is the natural coming together of all his previous experience and inner work. For him, the opportunity to lead Embercombe at this exciting time of growth and development is a great privilege.

He is excited by Embercombe’s potential for wide-ranging positive impact in the world, and very much looks forward to discovering what we can achieve together.

What does Embercombe mean to you?

The potential for wide-ranging positive impact in the world.