Embercombe Outreach

Embercombe’s outreach team specialises in delivering bespoke interactive projects with your children that brings your outdoor environment at school to life. Whether it’s creating an edible garden, an outdoor classroom, a spectacular sculpture space or a cob pizza oven, our team works with you to compliment your outdoor education and healthy eating programs.

Garden Force

Our Education outreach team will work with you and the children to design and build a growing space that compliments your school and your children’s learning. We can do everything from raised beds to paving, from compost heap making to fruit tree planting.

Continued Support, Teacher Training and Inset Days

Once your garden space has been built, we offer bespoke follow up packages to support both staff and young people develop their growing space into a productive and thriving garden.

This training could include:

  • Hands on work in the garden – weeding, composting, mulching, planting
  • Planning crops to get the most out of your garden within the school year
  • Learning about seeds and planting techniques
  • Integrating your growing space into the curriculum
  • Working with staff to build outdoor structures

Cob Pizza Oven

We’ll will work with children and staff to design and create a cob pizza oven that will cook pizzas for hundreds of hungry mouths! The oven will be built over two non- consecutive days and will finish with a pizza extravaganza where children will make, cook and serve pizzas to their community.


“We are grateful to Jo and Katy for all their patience, energy, and enthusiasm in the whole making process. The children loved the making and being hands-on and now we have a fabulous and beautiful facility to help raise funds for the school using this magnificent beast for many years to come.”
Claire Ash Wheeler, Community Governor, Chagford Primary school.

Art Outreach

The Education outreach team specialise in creating art installations with children of all ages. These messy art projects enable children to express themselves by creating a lasting artwork that both they and the school can be proud of. Using natural materials including cob, wood, willow and much more we will explore imagination and explore the origins of the materials we create with. It’s a fantastic way of bringing your new year group together to work on a joint project for your school.

Case study:

Teignmouth Community School, July 2014
Following the success of the previous three years sculptural projects, Embercombe’s Education outreach team returned to Teignmouth to create a beautiful cob bench with 180 new year seven students. This now sits near the ocean garden where our cob octopus and sea monster live. These collaborative installations provide a fantastic opportunity for these young people to express their creativity, make new friends and make a mark on their new school.

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