The Embercombe Education team work with teachers to design bespoke residential programmes which inspire young people to embark on a journey of learning enabling them to thrive in school, at home and in their community. Our programmes support the aims of the school curriculum by assisting children to make sense of the world around them. Our land based programmes for primary age develop a sense of curiosity and questioning in the children who participate.

Our commitment is to:

  • Develop the whole person
  • Stimulate the head, heart and hands
  • Stretch the imagination
  • Explore the senses and challenge what is possible

All of the activities are hands on and children make sense and learn by doing and experiencing, solving problems, asking questions and having fun. Our team work closely with teachers before and during visits to design a programme that meets any current curriculum themes of interest and any particular needs within the class.

A residential at Embercombe includes accommodation in beautiful yurts and a full daytime and evening programme.


£50 per night per child plus VAT


Embercombe offers an exciting and diverse learning environment. Below are some suggested activities that can be selected and tailored into a programmes that supports your class’s learning objectives.

Seed to Plate

Your class will embark on a hands on journey to discover where our food comes from. In the preparing of the ground and enriching the soil, to sowing the seed and caring for a seedling or plant, they will find out how flowers give way to fruit, discover different aspects of the plant’s lifecycle, how to harvest and store produce and finally experience the cooking and eating. There will be many opportunities to identify and taste the vegetables, herbs and fruits growing in our gardens, orchards and poly tunnel.

Wild Pizza!

Your class will meet the wheat, make their own dough, measure ingredients and observe what happens to the dough over time, light the fires to heat the two big clay ovens and chop the wood to fuel them. They’ll forage the toppings from the garden and the wild, chop and prepare them, working as a team to set up and run the pizza restaurant.

Art in the Garden

Your class will make mandalas and giant patterns with seasonal produce, leaves and other wild offerings. They’ll be part of an interactive play that tells the story of Stone Soup, collecting the ingredients, chopping and preparing them as the story of wizards and wise women unfolds around them. In the late Autumn, we can also offer apple pressing where the children get to make their own apple juice.

Green Woodwork

Your class will identify the trees around them, choose a suitable tree and fell that tree together. They’ll learn about green wood and use a range of tools safely to turn the tree into an object of use or beauty or both! They’ll learn to problem solve and persevere, learning skills for life in our Green Woodwork area.

Bush Craft

Your class will make fires and cook on them, build their own camp and shelter, play games and learn how to move invisibly in nature, explore and find things of interest, fostering resilience and creativity. They may even sleep out under the stars. There will be many opportunities to work as a team and listen to each other and tell stories.

Land Art

Your class will work together to create a giant sculpture or painting on the land, stretching the imagination, developing the connection between head and hands

Life Cycles and Seasons

Your class can find out what is happening in the woods now – which tree’s sap can be collected? Why are the trees shedding their leaves? What is popping up on the woodland floor? How do the local deer affect the woodland habitat?

Foraging and Wild Food Collection

Your class will undertake a seasonal exploration to discover what nature’s larder can provide for us and what we can do with it

The Animals

Find out how the animals fit into life at Embercombe and explore the issues around caring for animals. They’ll feed the chickens, collect their eggs and visit the sheep, learning the process of felting an object with their own fleece.

Wide Games

Your class can play as a team in one of our big fields a choice of active ‘wide games’ encouraging everyone to join in and have fun as a whole class.

Plant a Patch

Your class could grow a patch of wheat and return later in the year to harvest the grain and eventually grind it to make their own bread.

Your class will meet the food at the end of it’s journey and be assisted to make the link from garden to plate. They’ll learn to bake bread, perhaps make a dessert or break time snack for the class as well as finding out what fruits and vegetables are in season and what we could make with them. Children are encouraged to follow a recipe, measure and be creative with ingredients, developing a skill for life. It’s also an opportunity to look at healthy eating and nutrition, think about what the benefits are of eating healthily and seasonally as well as trying new things.

The opportunity for your class to cool off in the summer months and experience the difference between taking a wild swim and swimming in a pool. Activities at the lake include pond dipping, observing the life cycle of frogs, making boats and experimenting with floating. For older children there may be the opportunity to build and sail a raft.

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