LEAP ( Leadership Experience Awareness Potential) Programme

Embercombe’s transformative residential schools programme for young people aged 14-18. The LEAP programme aims to inspire and empower young people, connecting them to a world where they feel able to make positive change and supporting them to develop as future change makers, entrepreneurs and leaders.

The aims to provide individuals with:

  • A greater sense of individual and collective responsibility
  • New practical skills
  • Improved communication skills
  • An improved understanding of their individual gifts
  • A more positive relationship to work
  • Skills in self leadership
  • A stronger sense of community
  • A deeper understanding of sustainability and the natural world

Young people will be asked to join in, to have a go and take their turn. Throughout the week they will be challenged to to be seen, to take risks, to make choices, to speak out, to take responsibility and to care.

Our programme offers a chance for young people to explore who they are and begin to consider the adult they would like to be.

For more information on the LEAP programme for your school please call the office on 01647 252983 or send an email

Here are some of the things young people have said about their time at Embercombe:

  • I am more confident to be who I really am
  • I feel better about myself
  • That it’s ok to show my true feelings
  • I have better relationships with those around me
  • I feel more motivated to move forward in life
  • I feel better equipped to deal with new challenges
  • I want to be more involved in the world around me
  • I realise I have a choice about how my life turns out
  • I trust people more, I trust myself more

A 5-12 day programme for school groups.

Residential Outdoor Learning Programmes for Young People (14 to 18)

As well as running the LEAP, our own residential programme for young people, we also work with Youth and Community Groups to help facilitate their own specialist programmes. If you are a Youth Leader looking for a place to run your residential programme, please contact us.

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