Mac Macartney

Our founder, Mac Macartney, is an international speaker, writer and change-maker. Mentored by indigenous people over many years, he has acquired profound and original insights into questions preoccupying contemporary leaders.

Mac Macartney’s second book The Children’s Fire heart song of a people tells a story of a journey. In the winter of 2009 Mac Macartney set off from his brithplace in England and walked to the Isle of Anglesea. He completed the journey by navigating the stars with no map, tent or stove and found along the way a truth both precious and painful…Read more here.

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Our minds may have become adept at dismissing wisdom but our hearts know what really makes sense, Mac writes to your heart – listen.
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Speaker and Change-maker

Mac is an outstanding speaker, unusual in his capacity to address diverse groups with equal impact and resonance. He intertwines themes rarely associated with each other – the quest for meaning and purpose, organisational leadership, nature, identity and the role of ordinary people in shaping a future fit for generations to come.

Mac speaks at major international conferences across the corporate, public and third sectors. Core topics include:

  • Inspired, values-led leadership
  • People, planet, profit & purpose
  • Seven generations sustainability
  • Responsibility, hope, resilience & courage
  • Dreaming the world of our longing
  • Indigenous Britain: rediscovering our indigene
  • Small steps to a big future

Past talks include:

Unilever, Harvard Business School Club of New York, The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, Barclays Bank, HR Vision, Glastonbury Festival, the British Council, the NHS and WWF amongst others.

Mac has delivered four compelling TEDx talks and publishes his own podcast Shed Head.

Whilst Mac speaks for free at countless grassroots and charity events, he does require professional speaker fees for his professional keynotes.


Public Talks

If you would like to see Mac speak, he will also be talking at several public events in 2018 including:

  • 19 January 2018, The Privilege of Being Alive, Public Talk, Hawkwood College
  • 19 – 21 January 2018, Coming Home, Hawkwood College
  • 21-27 April 2018, The Children’s Fire: Ancient wisdom fuels a new story, Findhorn
  • 5 May 2018, Into The Wild Festival
  • 30 May 2018, Ecology & Spirituality, Schumacher College
  • 30 June 2018, Wonderfields Festival
  • 20-21 (Date TBD) July 2018, Buddhafield Festival
  • 26-29 July 2018, Port Eliot Festival, Cornwall
  • 10-12 August 2018, Tribe of Doris Summer School, Stanford Hall
  • 24-27 August 2018, Oxford Storytelling Festival, Oxford
  • 20 October 2018, Wild & Well Festival, Bristol

For more information on Mac’s speaking or to invite him to your event or organisation, please visit Mac’s website.

Mac at Embercombe

Mac Macartney