The Twin Trail

We invite you to follow the Twin Trail of inner healing and outer action.

Our inner journey helps us to uncover our true passions and gifts, to feel the beauty of deep and authentic connection, and to find acceptance within ourselves of who we are. Indigenous peoples have said for years that when humanity moves away from nature our heart hardens. The inner journey brings us back into connection with Mother Earth, the Great Teacher.

By exploring our inner landscape we find out what it is that we truly love. When we know what we love we know what we stand by. We know what we stand for. We begin to understand our unique gifts, our responsibilities, and what we can offer to the world. We reconnect to our earth, we find our songs, we find our old stories, we find each other, we find ourselves.

The Twin Trail

Inner Healing

By rooting ourselves in this deep sense of connectedness and belonging we build resilience and keep ourselves strong.

The inner path of our growing, unfolding, learning and healing enables our gift of outer action in the world. It is the basis for bringing our gifts, our education and our wounds into alignment with the work we offer. In this way we can meet every challenge and bring ourselves fully, leading ourselves and others on a path of positive action.

Something quite wonderful is happening in our world right now. We are dreaming something. It is the Twin Trail that enables us to step towards a world of Connection.