What we do

We run experiential programmes that aim to ignite the spark of courageous and active leadership that we all possess within. All of our programmes are built on nature-based and indigenous wisdom.
We run leadership programmes for adults and for young people; offer volunteering and assistantship programmes; offer venue hire and coaching; and design and deliver educational programmes for groups of young people.
We invite people to follow the ‘twin trail’ of inner healing and spiritual deepening, and of outer action to change the world.
We believe that each of us can make a difference in the world, whether in their family, in their home, in their community, in their workplace, in their business or their society. We believe that we all have something that we can bring that can create a more beautiful world.
We honour the Children’s Fire, a reminder of the first promise: ‘No law, no action of any kind, shall be taken that will harm the children seven generations hence.’