Our mission is to inspire a new generation of leaders and change makers to take courageous action for a just, peaceful and sustainable world.  Through all our work inside and outside of Embercombe, our community offers a vision of the future we know is possible. A world where all people live in communities that care for each other, who are connected to nature and enable each member to lead an empowered, fulfilling life.

We know that change needs to happen throughout society and that anyone can take a lead in bringing about change; and to that end Embercombe offers programmes that aim to reach as many individuals and groups as possible, regardless of their social or financial position. 

Embercombe was established by Mac Macartney in 1999 as a ‘garden to grow people’ and the charity was formed in 2006. Embercombe is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee, governed by a Board of Trustees and regulated by the Charity Commission and Companies House. The Trustees meet at least five times a year and take overall responsibility for the organisation and its works. You can download more information about the charity here:

Embercombe Articles and Memorandum

Embercombe Accounts 2015-2016

We are currently recruiting new members to the Board and if you are interested in offering your skills to this important work, you can find out more about the role and how to apply here:

Embercombe Trustees Role 2015

We also work closely with organisations such as ImaylaLifebeat and Hawkspring who support and develop people and communities experiencing disadvantage, who find that our unique setting and approach is of huge benefit.  The film below describes a visit to Embercombe by Hawkspring with a group of young adults from families with drug dependency issues. 

We have established a Bursary Fund through which we offer subsidised places to individuals and organisations so that someone’s financial situation need not be a barrier to taking part in one of our life-changing and affirming programmes. 

Click here to find out how you can contribute to our Bursary Fund or make a general donation to Embercombe and support our life changing work today.

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