“Imagine the society we could create if we served people and nature first, and generated profits second.”

– Mac Macartney

Grow the grown ups

Grow the Grown Ups Wild

Family Event: 26th - 31st May 2019
The Children's Fire

The Children’s Fire

New Course: 15th – 21st June
Women Rising Rooted

Women Rising Rooted

New Course: 4th – 8th July 2019


A regeneration of place and self

Inspired by powerful indigenous teachings and deep nature connection, Embercombe seeks to reconnect you to your wild authentic self, resourcing you to live a passionate, intimate and purposeful life.

Our programmes offer you the opportunity to reconnect to what is important to you and to the life you dream of living.

Are you ready?


To be able to connect it with our own personal and spiritual journeys is powerful, healing and necessary if we are to raise the consciousness of our planet…Thank you!
Course Partcipant - 2016