Abir’s Poem from Lifebeat at Embercombe

We wrote this poem eating deer meat
On the last full day of Embercombe Lifebeat
About all the help, support and care
From beautiful people Abir met there.
My card workshop was with Valentina
She helped printing leaves – you should have seen her.
Katie and Kathy looked after me with Alex
All great hearted queens of the female sex
The mighty ‘Wolf Warriors’ was my family group
Without them I’d be in The Soup.
With Sami and Nishi we spoke speedy Bengali
And I thought of home and blessed them
Georgina and Kemil and Luke were my friends
And Adam taught juggling (the list never ends)
Danny from Cork showed me how to swing poi
And I worked Joey’s mandala (he’s a big boy).
With Sion and Chris a mandala in advanced
And with Joss and Jilly made one out of plants.
So all of my friends I bless you with love
And Earth by my feet and Trees up above.

by Abir, who has been learning English for a year and wrote this poem on Lifebeat.