Manda Scott

Accidental Gods

Manda Scott

By Manda Scott

Science tells us that evolution happens under moments of intense pressure in any species. Also that any complex system reaches a maximal point of complexity after which it either collapses into chaos and extinction OR it shifts to a whole new level of complexity, which was impossible to predict from the previous state.

Given both of these together, we think we’re due the next evolutionary shift, and that it will be a phase shift as groundbreaking as the emergence of Eukaryotic organisms from the prokaryotic primordial soup. Or, to choose an easier-to-picture metaphor, it’ll be as utterly different from where we are now as the butterfly is from the chrysalis.

We think, in fact, that the next evolutionary step will be one of consciousness  – and that we – all of us alive on the earth just now – can make this happen.

So we’ve spent a year working out how  – because this is not a new idea, but it needs some actual practical action-steps that people can achieve – if this is emergence from our (hyper)complex system, then we need a critical mass of people. It’s not going to happen with just a few of us journeying to our guides or meditating in a mountain monastery, or whatever.

And the end result, is Accidental Gods – a podcast, a blog, a membership portal

The relevance for you is that, while it’s entirely possible to do everything we think needs to be done just by listening to the podcast and reading the blog, the membership portal is the core of the community we hope to build. We’d love you to join us.