Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox Weekend

Come join us as we mark the Autumnal quarter of the transition through the year, as we harvest the bounty of the Summer’s gifts.

With Fiona Barnes and the Embercombe Team

2nd September - 4th September Autumn Equinox Experience Weekend 2022 Book Now

Is this for you?

Join us – old friends and new – as we bring our hearts and our hands together, to share food, stories, songs and silence; to be together in this magical place and experience the Embercombe way and celebrate the Autumn Equinox together.

  • As life gets busier and more complicated have you ever wondered what it would be like to slow down for a while?
  • Have you ever longed for a simpler life surrounded by friends and community?
  • Do you want to spend quality time with your loved ones?
  • Have you longed to drop your roles and responsibilities and be accepted as you are?
  • Have you longed for meaningful connection with nature and the changing seasons?
  • Do you long for a sense of belonging and meaning in life?
  • Do you want time to dream?
  • Do you want food to be a pleasure and an adventure that doesn’t cost the earth?
  • Do you want to sit round the fire, feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin, swim in the lake, laugh with the children and find once again a deep gratitude for the incredible gift that life is?

What to expect

From the moment you arrive you will be welcomed by your generous host Fiona and the friendly Embercombe team who will do all they can to make you feel at home. The schedule is relaxed allowing you time to mindfully participate or to rest. Most of the weekend is focused on creating a communal celebration and ceremony to mark the time of year with plenty of opportunities to dream, reflect and give thanks.

Our delicious plant based menu is full of soul, designed by our chef Sophia Young and cooked by you. Sophia has a passion for ethical and joyful food and a talent for leading you on a sensual cooking adventure, read her philosophy get some recipes here.

Friday 17 September – Sunday 19 September

Friday 6:30pm  – Sunday 4 pm

Residential weekend based in Devon, on Embercombe’s wild land

Accommodation is at Embercombe in our yurt village or selection of vintage glamping caravans

FEE: £145

Autumn Equinox


Fiona Barnes

For me Embercombe starts with the land and the children: I love the land and want to be part of it, to know it in greater depth each day – to become ‘reindiginised’ (a new word meaning for people to become reconnected to ‘their’ land). I feel drawn to care for the animals; to care for them in a way that resonates with me and with Embercombe, i.e. to interact with them through connection… For the children it’s all about connection. To grow to be healthy adults who can make a difference in our world, they need connection to their adults, themselves and the land. I am committed to a way of being with children that allows them to find themselves. I am interested in bringing the Hand In Hand approach in to our daily lives (with or without it’s title), it provides a solid framework for adults and children to grow. I feel that my role is part of the development of Embercombe’s work – enabling parents to deepen in their vital work as leaders for their children, for the children to be given the foundation to deepen through their connection to themselves and for the animals to assist in that by being part of our daily lives.

Upcoming Dates & Booking

2nd September - 4th September Autumn Equinox Experience Weekend 2022 Book Now

I loved being a part of the process of cooking for the whole community!