Autumn Sunset

The sun is just going down behind the hills where Hennock sits.  There are deep blue clouds with slashes of gold shining through.  It’s a big skyline here at Embercombe and the skyline is always changing.  As I look back across the field I’ve just walked through I notice the tree canopy has changed again, more bronzes, yellow and coppers.  The ravens are flying low, big black wings cutting across the sky.  The three sheep in this field are huddled under the sink, I don’t know why. I feel autumn in my bones.

I really enjoyed learning how to make the sourdough bread with Dolly this week.  Her teaching is all heart and the bread was a success.  I began at 9 in the morning and the process was complete by 9 in the evening.  I loved the rhythm of moving in and out of the kitchen between other tasks.

Yesterday I started to make a big batch of spicy green tomato and apple chutney, finishing it today, the kitchen smells gorgeous, a warm blend of spices, sweetness and simmering vinegar. In case you’re interested here is the recipe, partly made up: 1 pint vinegar, 1lb sugar, 11oz sultanas, 4lb tomatoes, 2oz apples, 14oz onions, 4 red chillis, 1tbs root ginger, sea salt, black pepper.  I made 4 times this amount and added much more black pepper roughly crushed, some coriander seeds, black onion seeds, ground corinader and cayenne pepper.

The sun has gone down now. As I look out of the office window to my left there are inky clouds across a coral sky, as I turn my head in the other direction shades of deep blue.  The Embercombe mini bus has just arrived back and everyone is spilling out having been out collecting unwanted apples.  I hear from Jo that there are lots, good news for the cider and apple juice making.