By Joey Waterson – Founding Chief of the new Embercombe Council and Embercombe Elder.


Many the oaks have been harvested, they bring a ship around through its hull, lined out to keel along with their rigged out sails, over various deck levels she sits, keel hull stroked by compass sextant on northern stars with great wheel turning both on decks and around the golden skies.

Calling of bo’sun’s whistle sounding out across the furrowed brows, of hands who dream of love of land, sea, of home in firelight eyes, of great adventures.

Together we turn our ship toward unknown horizon with our mission clear, hands on the rigging ropes, never to let go yet pull together across this vast ocean of time.

In the twilight sleep stories remembered, how did they tend their sheep, who gave the chicken to death, who minded the business, how did the market traders create the treasure? Stories of the captains and handed crews, mystery of stones in oaken glades, of an old well in rose wild garden, fruit trees old twisted by winds leaning into life.

Blue fox long in the memories of the old Woman still cherished in birdsong.

Out across the valley a wisp of smoke rises out from the land gifted as if a fallen tress from sky.

Down among the old chestnuts an ancient yew is twisting to meet clouds, an old place where chiefs still gather with childs laughter a flint stone cracks, a fire crackles, a hide is drying, a soft drum is sounding out its song deep in the hillside hidden from view.

As we dream and lean into this time it is a longterm view of this Council that our commitment is to the longest terms and the whole of this land song of our journey, with no quarter given to the integral alliance we have, with the responsibilities that we hold to hearth and home, how we place ourselves in the garden, how we grow into those teachers already here, how we acknowledge and appreciate beauty.

Ropes and rigging all held fast with ancient hands amidst the new. Away the anchors, go along the sounds of bo’sun’s calling, deck laid out all in colours strung out with cordage plaited strong and true.

A wind is singing into luffs and sails.

Baswegan, Bo’sun draws on his pipe, his smoke among the telltales.

With Love Joey Waterson

Joey Waterson is co-facilitator on The Journey programmes, the Catalyst programmes. His role as Elder and guide, introduces people to the magic of this land and the magic in their own hearts.