Join us in co-creating a regenerative, flourishing future for all species

At Embercombe, we are dedicated to creating a world where people and nature thrive together. 

But we can’t do it alone. We rely on the generosity of people like you who share our vision and want to make a tangible impact. By donating to Embercombe, you become an essential part of our journey towards a more compassionate and regenerative world.

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How we are making a difference

A white male looks away from the camera, out over a rural landscape with the sun setting

We initiate our participants into a path of personal transformation, weaving inner development and outer action

A photo taken in the woods at Embercombe with a fallen tree arching across the path and sunlight shining through the leaves above

We rewild our land and teach comprehensive rewilding skills

Programme participants sitting in circle at Story Fire (one of the firepits at Embercombe) and listening to a speaker

We model and share Earth-Based wisdom for a holistic life

Our impact in numbers

Lots of people sitting around the Hearth Fire (one of the fire pits at Embercombe) in the sunshine

We welcome 2,500 people through our gates every year

The logo for Embercombe Online

35,000 people have accessed our educational content online since 2020

Two children taking part in an activity to build bird boxes at Embercombe

260 people attended our free community days of nature connection in 2022

How your donation will help

Rewilding our land and beyond

Your donation is instrumental in our ongoing rewilding efforts. By supporting us, you directly contribute to the installation of a crucial deer fence and the introduction of herbivores to our site, allowing natural regeneration to thrive. Additionally, your support helps expand our network of landowners dedicated to creating a rewilding corridor in the Teign Valley. Together, we can restore the balance of nature, foster biodiversity, and create a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship in the Teign Valley and beyond.

Creating innovative programmes

Your support will pioneer new initiatives that inspire people to forge a close relationship with nature, co-creating a regenerative future for all species.

Participants will develop resilience, and reconnect with their purpose, ancestral knowledge, and nature itself; as well as amplifying their regenerative impact through rewilding and through collaborating with like-minded individuals.

Reaching new audiences

By experiencing our transformative work, participants will be inspired to effect real-life change. Your donation will enable us to touch more lives, through our in-person and online programmes, bringing about a positive impact on nature and society.

Enhancing diversity through bursaries

Your contribution will help us develop our bursary scheme, ensuring that those who couldn’t otherwise participate can benefit from our work and bring it to their communities.

Creating a network for a regenerative future

Just like a healthy forest’s mycorrhizal network, Embercombe aims to build a powerful network of individuals and organisations. Your donation will support the sharing of information, resources, and collaboration, fostering resilience and amplifying the impact of regenerative projects and initiatives.

Future-proofing Embercombe

 To sustain our work in the long term, your support will contribute to renovating our site, enhancing physical accessibility, and improving energy efficiency. This ensures that we can continue bringing our transformative work to audiences well into the future.

Your donation will make a lasting difference by enabling us to inspire, empower, and create a regenerative future for all.

What our participants say

‘I did the Journey back in November 2010.  On looking back, now, I can see just how much it has transformed and nourished (and maybe saved) my life.

~ Dave Hampton

‘I came here in search of simplicity and the medicine of the wild, and I found it. I just needed to fall asleep to the crackling of the fire, to wake up with the sun on my face and to hear the dawn chorus.’

~ Gabrielle O’Connell

‘I felt a profound depth of connection with myself, others and the wild land, that allowed me to step through a doorway that I had been standing on the threshold of.’

~ Tammie Menahemi

‘This course has been a deeply transformational experience and one which will last a lifetime.’

~ In Search of the Masculine participant

A rediscovery of the person I once was. The wonderful realisation that she still exists.

~ Liz Kerr

Life changing empowerment. A life affirming, soul-strengthening exploration of what it means to be truly alive.

~ Phoebe Riordan

A message from our Managing Director

Embercombe is embarking on an exciting new phase of its development. With a dedicated board of trustees, an incredibly committed team, a robust business plan,  a clear vision for the future and our rewilded land, we are committed to expanding our impact. Our objectives: creating innovative programmes, broadening our platforms and reach, enhancing accessibility for diverse communities, fostering networks of like-minded individuals, and future-proofing our site. Your support can propel Embercombe to the next stage of its evolution. If Embercombe’s work has touched your heart, please consider making a donation.

~ Clemence Viel

Join us in co-creating a regenerative, flourishing future for all species

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