Hardwired commitment

In The Journey by Niusia Winczewska

“I found the gift of three hours of coaching after The Journey very helpful to consolidate my commitment, keep me on track and make it a reality. Now my commitment and future work feel as if they are hardwired.”  

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Rhubarb and Ginger Tart

With chia custard and rosemary infused cream We recently served this delicious dessert after a feast for about 40 people, offering a gluten free option too. Rhubarb and ginger are a classic combination – delicious and immune boosting too! Our menu is all plant-based so when it comes to dessert we are often experimenting with ways to make it less …

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From Grief to Creativity, A Journey

By Lucy Tipper Lucy is an illustrator from Hampshire and shares her journey of grief and loss into creativity and nature when connecting with Embercombe’s land on The Journey.   It was grief that brought me to the gates of Embercombe, a catalogue of tragic events that saw my life crumble around my ears. Grief had wiped my slate clean, although …

Christopher Noble

In The Journey by Cindy Cooper

The embodiment of how changing ourselves changes the world. Hugely powerful personal journeying and change. Held beautifully and safely by people who live by their truths.

Sally Bourne

In The Journey by Cindy Cooper

It was the hardest and best 5 day of my life. It has inspired me to push on and follow my dream of opening a business that supports artisans to work in an ethical and sustainable way.

Mark Thompson

In The Journey by Cindy Cooper

The experience was on so many levels one of utter transformation that it surpasses words.

Dr Steve Onyett

In The Journey by Cindy Cooper

It was the best leadership development course I have ever been on and I would recommend The Journey to anyone who wants to deepen to a more meaningful life.

Phoebe Riordan

In The Journey by Cindy Cooper

Life changing empowerment. A life affirming, soul-strengthening exploration of what it means to be truly alive.