The stone circle


There is good reason to believe that human ingenuity, absolute commitment, and the power of a people holding close to a vision may yet achieve what others have said is impossible.

Living and working in community can be challenging. Our communities might often be composed of people of similar ages, backgrounds or world views. But we see community as inclusive of all ages, demographics, and those with whom we don’t necessarily agree. In this way we are challenged to live and act courageously and authentically, to be open and recognise and address our own challenges.

The stone circle

Deep down we know our strength lies in community; in our togetherness, in our interconnectedness and interdependence.

Our community is not just formed of our volunteers and assistants, our staff team, our facilitators and our trustees, but also of those far beyond the Embercombe gates. We aim to engage others in dialogue, to welcome different perspectives and learn. By connecting to the very essence of what it means to be human, we will be more effective communicators and thereby become leaders for change. In this way we can work towards true Sustainability.