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Our world is changing fast. Climate change, security, population growth, famine, biodiversity loss, financial instability, enduring conflicts, religious extremism – these are some of the most crucial challenges the world is currently facing.

The private sector has a key role to play in reversing the trends of environmental degradation and social inequality and is uniquely positioned to develop solutions through new business models and innovation. Today’s leaders are faced with an array of challenges that are testing not only their technical skills but also their resilience, integrity, and ability to manage uncertainty.


Our consultants design programmes to accompany your organisation on a journey of transformation. We support dynamic organisations that are committed to integrate sustainability into all aspects of business, leading to a better and more equitable society within the limits of our one planet.

Our approach is comprehensive, systematic, and experiential. Our team of experienced consultants work with organisations in ways that challenge conventional thinking. They are professional individuals who bring a wealth of experience in business, organisation and team management and are experienced in developing leaders. What distinguishes Embercombe’s consultants is our capacity to bridge the separation that exists between the language of business and the language of life.

If we are to have leaders who will ‘act on what they know to be true’ then we need time to reflect, to renew, to make choices, and commit to them. We need space to listen, to share, and to enquire into new ideas and ways of thinking.

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Beneath the surface of each and every one of us lies genius, courage, creativity and clarity. This course helped me to remember the power of one in an interconnected world.
Dave HamptonCourse Participant

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