Contemporary Animism Confluance

Contemporary Animism Annual Confluence

In by Lore Wilson

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Contemporary Animism

Animism is the belief that we are one small part of a greater intelligent whole and within this whole we all have a crucial part to play. This is a belief shared by our ancestors for thousands of years and with indigenous traditions around the world.


What would it mean for us to believe again?


Welcome to our Annual Confluence on Contemporary Animism, bringing together the many wonderful speakers and practitioners who have contributed to our programme this year.

A deep dive into animism, talking about and experiencing directly, the animating force that runs through nature, and through ourselves – that which allows us to connect and communicate with the place we are, the more than human world around us, and with our own sense of belonging and purpose.

What could be more important for us as human beings in this moment of uncertainty in our world? What could be more revolutionary, evolutionary and pressing, than to remember ourselves as part of nature?

Contributors include Sharon Blackie, Stephan Harding, Andy Letcher, Angharad Wynne, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Chris Bash, Philip Shepherd, Naomi Lewis and Colin Campbell

Speakers, conversation, sharing, embodiment workshops …