Contemporary Animism

Contemporary Animism: In the Direction of Beauty

In by Cindy Cooper

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The power of place

Re-animating Ourselves, an Apprenticeship

With Colin Campbell, Angharad Wynne, Chris Bache, Carolyn Hillyer, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Rachael Vaughan, Philip Shepherd and special guests to be announced

Curated and facilitated by Rachel Fleming and Emma George

With additional pre-recorded material from Sharon Blackie, David Abram, Stephan Harding and Andy Letcher

The Animating Force

The time has come for a radical change in worldview. The one we have created for ourselves, that of separation, materialism and success, no longer serves.

The time has come to consider what we may perhaps have left behind in the pockets of the world – in prehistory, in our esoteric traditions, in the indigenous practices that have survived to this day, in the deepest reaches of our psyches and the collective memory of our species, in the fragments of myth and the scribbled margins of our most ancient texts.

These pockets of remembering all tell of an animating force that binds us as humans to the soul of the world. This is a force that holds us within the places we live, that gives us agency beyond our individual striving, that talks of meaning and belonging and purpose. This is what helps us to hear and understand the forgotten language of the more-than-human world we are part of.

By understanding the animating force that runs through all of nature, by truly experiencing and learning to work with it like the magicians, the alchemists, the oracles of old – we become more human, more able to understand our role, our purpose, our gifts, our very belonging to this place and this life we live.

We reanimate ourselves, we re-enchant our lives and we recover our place within the evolving soul of the world. We are finally able to start to see what the future of our species may hold.

In this year-long apprenticeship we will be learning to work with this animating force, in service of the transformation of a worldview that has forgotten that such a force exists, that views this world as inanimate, and humans as a species that have evolved beyond nature. We will draw on hidden magical and soul-based practices, but also on the everyday experiences of community, stillness, intention, attention, movement, meditation, gratitude and prayer, to guide our way.

This programme builds on a conversation that has been live for one year. It starts in a different place to where it originally started, with a new group, and the new experience and interests you bring to the circle. But it does take advantage of a considerable body of pre-recorded talks and conversations, allowing us to delve even deeper together into our subject material.

Are you ready to go deeper, further – are you ready to take your place in a great transformation in what it is possible to believe?