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Speaking Out – A Master Class with Kanada E Gorla and Deborah Ward

Now more than ever, we are being called to stand up and speak out for what we believe. In times of uncertainty and rapid change, in the liminal, fertile and creative space that we are in as a society, between the pre-COVID world and the next world waiting to emerge, we have the chance to speak our truth and have it matter.

Join us for this Online Masterclass that will have you standing up and speaking out with courage, impact and authenticity, whether it is a planned talk or a spontaneous moment of rising up. This is for all those who wish to speak their truth in any setting – at work, at home or on the streets.

The challenges most people experience while speaking to an audience have their roots in complex issues connected to self worth. Speaking Out (gently) invites you to begin to look at the underlying issues that have inhibited your full and free self-expression. It will equip you with practical skills, helpful techniques and useful approaches to support you to meet your deep intention, be authentic and develop stronger self-esteem ( or: develop a stronger sense of the immense value of what only you can share / what you share).

You will be called to explore the ground you stand on, your values, beliefs and assumptions, the very source and subject of your passion to communicate. You will be coached at multiple levels – energetically, vocally, physically, creatively and emotionally – as you hone your voice and develop a new and exciting relationship to speaking out in the world.

Expect a mix of discussion, group work and practical exercises with our coaches and facilitators Kanada Gorla and Deborah Ward who are joined by special guests to inspire you with the way that they are speaking out in the world at this moment in history.


Kanada Elizabeth Gorla

Kanada E Gorla

Kanada develops conscious leadership to connect with what is truly important, supporting individuals & organisations to become forces of nature for nature. She brings an embodied presence to create space-between, with an openness to the emergent in both groups & individuals, revealing blockages & dynamics that get in the way. Kanada has contributed to Embercombe from the beginning, from the early days of dreaming in the Council to her current work of Catalyst, Speaking Out and On Purpose. She has 25+ years experience in leadership/culture, developing purpose-led leaders and changemakers, facilitating transformative change, building individual & collective resilience, and cultivating connection with self, others & nature.  Her approach is intuitive and pragmatic, holistic and results-oriented.

Clients range from young people to senior executives, from social enterprises to NGOs & multinationals and her current projects include leading a whole systems transformation with Riverford Organic Farmers (2017-2021), acting as an executive coach on Common Purpose’s MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy with senior leaders in the global conservation movement, and the co-founding Kin, a CIO whose purpose is to build capacity in community-making in place based towns and cities. To learn more or to contact Kanada go to



Deborah Antoinette Ward

Deborah Ward

Deborah’s passion is how playfulness leads to creative acts whether on stage or in life.

For her this work starts with body-connection, nurturing imagination and being willing to be bold. After graduating from London International School of Performance Art, LISPA, she has worked as an actress, storyteller, performance poet, assistant director, director and independent producer. Presenting work at Edinburgh Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Theatre Des Carmes – France, Keochang International Festival of Theatre – Korea, The Cube & The Wardrobe – Bristol, CPT & The Space – London, and many others.

Deborah is a new associate of the Centre for Systemic Constellations and she brings this profound therapeutic approach as a foundational layer to all her work.

She regularly facilitates workshops in Bristol, in Storytelling, Clown, and Mask. She has recently launched the project The Dark Feminine bringing together stories of ancient archetypes of women who express less celebrated & hidden aspects of femininity, with the space for womxn to share their own stories. Deborah also works as an independent creative consultant for solo artists and small companies.