Dreaming the Wildfire

An online workshop with Manda Scott

Drawing from her wonderful book series, Boudica Dreaming, Manda Scott offers this workshop to explore the archetypes of Warrior and Dreamer, looking at the Celtic roots of these in the British Isles and how we can best serve them today.

Manda Scott shows how each of us carries a warrior and a dreamer, reverberating across time from our ancestors to the present day, calling us to dreaming and to action, in this time when our world is literally ablaze. 

In the combination of these two, we look for the authentic voice that only we can bring to the world at this time. We delve deep into our internal dynamics and begin the dance of balance that brings about healing, for ourselves and for humanity, and for our place in the web of life.

Key information:

This is a pre-recorded workshop available now.

FEE: £45

Boudica Dreaming

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Manda Scott

Manda Scott

Manda Scott is a novelist, smallholder, shamanic teacher and – soon – podcaster. Her Boudica: Dreaming books both grew out of and informed her shamanic dreaming practice and were the start of a fifteen year journey of teaching small groups. Now, as we near the biggest crisis in our evolutionary history, she is focussing more on how to bring the birthright of shamanic dreaming to wider groups of people and combine it with the explosion in cognitive neuroscience that is teaching us how to shape the structures of our minds. Her belief is that we can make the next evolutionary step consciously, but that we will need to know how to ask for help of the Heart Mind of the Universe – and that we need to get to grips with this as a matter of urgency. Yesterday would be good. Today will do. Tomorrow might be too late.