Dreamwork and Belonging

An online workshop with Toko-pa Turner

Are our dreams the communications from the world around us?

Most of us think of belonging as a place that, if we keep searching for, we might eventually find. But many spend a lifetime looking for this mythical place in vain. What if belonging isn’t a place at all but a skill, or set of competencies that we, in modern times, have lost or forgotten? 

Especially during the pandemic, connection can feel more out of reach than ever. But people are also reporting more vivid dreams, and a deeper felt connection with their inner life, and with nature. Many find themselves taking inventory of what they truly value, and what has been missing from their lives. 

In this luscious 2-day online workshop, Toko-pa explores what she calls the “competencies of belonging” with a focus on dreamwork as an active practice to bring us back into relationship with the parts of ourselves from which we’ve become estranged. 

Over two 3 hour sessions, Toko-pa will be offering a deeper look at and demonstration of some of the core practices in her approach to dreamwork, especially as it relates to Belonging. This workshop offers a blend of instruction, practice, and community. Participants are encouraged to bring a dream or two they’d like to work on

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Founder of the Dream School and author of Belonging (Remembering Ourselves Home), Toko-pa Turner’s work is based on an intoxicating mix of Sufism and Jungian dreamwork. Join her for this intimate exploration, teaching and sharing about dreams, what they mean, how to work with them, and how we might find through them a way of belonging to the earth, each other and ourselves at this moment in our history.

Key information:

7 – 10pm GMT, Friday 6 and Saturday 7 November

Online via Zoom – A recording will be available to participants afterwards, and those in different zones

FEE: £85

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Toko-Pa Turner

Toko-Pa Turner

Blending the mystical tradition of Sufism with a Jungian approach to dreamwork, Devon-born Toko-Pa Turner founded the Dream School in 2001 to teach and support others with their dreams in her private practice. Now, almost 17 years later, she has grown a network of more than a hundred thousand dreamers all over the world. In addition to tending dreams, her work focuses on restoring the feminine, reconciling paradox, elevating grief, and facilitating ritual.  https://toko-pa.com/