Ecofluency Autumn Equinox weekend retreat

Ecofluency Autumn Equinox weekend retreat & workshop: Rekindle your ability to communicate with Nature

Ecofluency is the science, art, and magic of two-way communication with the rest of Nature. We are all born with this skill, because humans are Nature, and this way of communicating exists beyond all languages.

By expanding our range of our sensory awareness, we can dialogue with any aspect of the more-than-human world. The principles are the same, whether you choose to converse with small plants or towering trees, tiny insects or large mammals, clods of compost or constellations of stars. Although many have forgotten how to use this ancient ability, ecofluency offers an opportunity to reclaim the power of this birth-right, to benefit all life. It allows access to the deeper knowledge and wisdom of Nature that is not often available to our everyday human minds.

Ecofluency is a critical skill for empowering physical, mental and emotional vitality, to grow beyond resilience into a dynamic state of thriving. It offers a key to unlock greater joy and harmony in our relationships with ourselves, other humans, and the rest of Nature.

Communicating with Nature lets us make more holistic and efficient practical decisions in all aspects of our lives: growing food, choosing a place to live, understanding the behaviour of wild or domestic animals, creating rituals and ceremonies for inspiration and abundance, expanding your professional work in ecological alignment, or healing traumas to grow spiritually and become whole. Human existence with other species depends on dialogue with them, as they call on us to co-evolve and create our future in alignment with Nature. The world is waiting – join the conversation!

What to Expect:

~ Comfortable, shared eco-accommodation in a yurt village (2 people per yurt), bedding included

~ All meals, delicious, nutrient-dense, vegan, ethically sourced, and created on-site, plus teas and coffees

~ Teaching & notes on the 9-step Ecofluency guide to Nature communication, including practicality, clarity, nervous system regulation, and energetic safety (psychic hygiene)

~ An Autumn Equinox ceremony in a stone circle on the Saturday evening that will be co-created with the participants, the trees, the stones, and the land

~ Multiple opportunities to exercise your rekindled Ecofluency ability throughout the weekend, within 50 acres of ancient woodland, meadows and gardens in the magical valley of Embercombe

~ Wild swimming, fire-side singing, and star gazing

~ A follow-up group call one month after the event, and discounted rates for individual consultations for three months after the event, to help integrate your Ecofluency experience into daily life

Access to the private Ecofluency hub, to get or stay in touch with previous Ecofluency ‘alumni’, and apply a range of exercises from the database to continue developing your practice

This retreat is for anybody interested in Nature communication, including those who practice it already (though no previous experience is required).

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Key information:

DATES 2022:
23-25 September

Based in Devon, at Embercombe 

Reduced ticket: £395.00
Normal ticket: £455.00



Dr Saskia von Diest

This event is presented by Dr Saskia von Diest. Saskia has been communicating with various forms of Nature for the last 10 years, much of which she spent in agricultural research, focusing on intuitive farming. She has 14 years of experience in teaching and facilitating through various forms and in many countries. Her passion is creating opportunities for others to have their own experience of communicating with non-human Nature, and develop that for their own and the collective benefit. Read more about her here.