Education day at Bristol Big Green Week

cob monsterLast weekend the Embercombe Land-Based Learning team packed a trailer full of materials and came down to the quayside of Bristol for the start of the Big Green Week. Against the backdrop of the Kaskelot, a three masted tall ship, we offered the opportunity for everyone around to get involved with hands-on making and creating. Adults and children alike used their bare feet to mix clay, sand and straw into cob, which was then used to build and create the sculpture of a sea monster.

Imaginations were stirred up, and the sea monster became Brizzle, the monster who famously protected the city from Viking intruders. A model of the Clifton Suspension bridge was built between its back and tale, and wood shavings were used to create spiked teeth within the wide jaw.

Alongside this, there was green woodwork to have a go at, and the cutting of chestnut shingles to go on our well roof back at Embercombe. The weekend was a great chance for people to not only see some of what we do in land-based learning at Embercombe, but to have their own experience of it. To witness so many engaged children mixing clay, modelling with their hands and awakening their creativity was wonderful.