Embercombe launches BIPOC fund

“Mother Earth is our first teacher. She has informed us that oneness does not equal sameness. She shows us this through the harmonious balance that is held in the rich biodiversity that exists within our world. To achieve oneness we must transcend our differences and embrace the integration of every individual aspect of humanity into the whole, knowing that all healthy systems are comprised of complexity and an abundance of diversity.”
~ Sherri Mitchell Weh’na Ha’mu Kwasset

In the wake of the worldwide Black Lives Matter protests, Embercombe is launching a fund dedicated to providing funding help for participants who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Colour (BIPOC).

From the month of July onwards our community will be able to donate funds directly. In the words of The BIPOC Project,

“We use the term BIPOC to highlight the unique relationship to whiteness that Indigenous and Black people have, which shapes the experiences of and relationship to white supremacy for all people of colour.”

At Embercombe we believe diversity adds richness to life, and as an organisation we are creating this fund to make our leadership and personal development programmes accessible to all. We value and are working towards a world where all diversity is cherished, both human diversity as well as the biodiversity of the more-than-human world. We recognise and remember our connection to the entire web of life and the precious and sacred role each one of us has to play within it.

Whilst much of our contribution has been from white speakers and facilitators, our future Embercombe Online offerings will be used as a platform to provide a platform for indigenous peoples and those of colour around the world, working towards our mission of connecting all people of all background and colour in community with each other and with the land. Please consider donating funds for this when registering for our online offerings (if you are using paypal below please include a note in your donation), all donations to our weekly talks in July will be used in solidarity with those around the world who are standing at this moment for a non-discriminating future.