Story fire

Embercombe Favourites

Join us for our classic Embercombe programmes – tried, tested and loved by many over the years.

These are designed to help you, wherever you are, to find your purpose and inspire action in the world.

Do you know what your gifts, passion and purpose are?

Do you feel connected to a community, to the people around you, to the land on which you live, to yourself?

Do you hear a call to action for change?

Embercombe offers a chance to explore these questions alongside others who are asking the same. We offer community, celebration, learning and sharing, in a safe and beautiful environment living close to nature.

Story fire

The Descent

The Descent

Mac Macartney, Tina Shaman & Joey
New Dates: 16 - 22 May 2020
Grow the grown ups

Grow the Grown Ups

Joanna Watters
Family Event: 24 - 29 May 2020
The Journey

The Journey

Mac Macartney, Tina Sharman & Joey
Next Dates: 3rd - 8th July 2020
Catalyst Programme


Kanada Gorla, Ben Macfadyen & Lydia Newman
Next Dates: 10th - 15th August 2020
Speaking Out

Speaking Out

Kanada Gorla & Deborah Ward
New Dates: 5th - 8th November 2020