Story fire

Join us for our Embercombe flagship programmes – tried, tested and loved by many over the years.

These are designed to help you, wherever you are, to find your purpose and inspire action in the world.

  • Do you know what your gifts, passion and purpose are?
  • Do you feel connected to a community, to the people around you, to the land on which you live, to yourself?
  • Do you hear a call to action for change?

Embercombe offers a chance to explore these questions alongside others who are asking the same. We offer community, celebration, learning and sharing, in a safe and beautiful environment living close to nature.

Catalyst Programme


Kanada Gorla, Ben Macfadyen & Lydia Newman
Young Leaders
Next Dates: 22 - 27 August 2021
The Descent

The Descent

Mac Macartney, Tina Sharman & Joey
Follow on programme to The Journey
5 - 11 September 2020
The Journey

The Journey

Mac Macartney, Tina Sharman & Joey
Embercombe flagship programme
4-9 October 2020 & 11-16 October 2020
Grow the grown ups

Grow the Grown Ups

Joanna Watters & Team
Conscious Parenting
Family Camp: 25 - 30 October 2020
Speaking Out

Speaking Out

Kanada Gorla & Deborah Ward
Speaking with confidence