Imagine a place where people come together to learn and co-create a flourishing future for all species

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Embercombe fire circle

Together we can shape the future we want to see in the world and catalyse the power of community for a regenerative future that works for all.

Embercombe has always attracted interesting, engaged and creative people, dedicated to making change. Our dream is to offer a place in which rich connections and collaborations can happen. A place where you belong, a place were you can meet your tribe and share inspiring ideas and conversation. An opportunity to participate and an opportunity to co-create our future.

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Fire Circle Membership Benefits Includes:

Free access to 6 online conversations  a year with Embercombe’s founder Mac Macartney and his special guests.  We will be talking about The Law of Nature – exploring with you and with elders from indigenous and western wisdom traditions around the world, what it is that we as humans need to know, be and do, at this historical moment, to survive, thrive, and regenerate, to be in service to the continued flourishing of the more-than-human world.
Your place in our circle around the fire, in 6 online sharing circles – a chance to meet with like-minded souls and share your thoughts, dreams and ponderings. These sessions will take place after The Law of Nature events, and are for Fire Circle Members only.
Access to Members-only content from unpublished online courses and events.
Your place within our community online network of change-makers, law-holders and dreamers of a more flourishing way of life.
The knowledge that you are supporting Embercombe as an island and a beacon of wild soulfulness in a rapidly-changing technological world.

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Watch a free introduction of a series of talks and conversations with Embercombe Founder Mac Macartney exploring The Law of Nature, which is included in the membership.

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Our vision is to create a world that works for all species, both human and non-human.

Nature is at the heart of everything we do at our 50-acre site in rural Devon and we have embarked on a journey of ecological restoration or rewilding, which over the next five years will allow us to run practical programmes in pioneering conservation and ecological practice, including the demonstration of species reintroductions.  We want to become a beacon for rewilding in the south west of the UK and help catalyse change in land management in the region. We want all people to be able to engage and immerse themselves in nature and benefit from the health and well-being benefits that nature provides.

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