Wild Embercombe

Embercombe Is Rewilding

Rewilding Embercombe

Rewilding Embercombe – What does it take to revitalise our human experience, to reclaim our cultural wildness and to strengthen our well-being through our connection with nature?

Embercombe is embarking on a ‘wild’ journey and we ask you to join with us and be part of this experience. We step forward with immense gratitude for all the people and experiences that have led us to this moment, as well as an excitement of the new opportunities and partnerships ahead.From 1st October our programmes at Embercombe will be on hold, while we restore and revitalise the valley ready to re-open in spring 2019. During this time we’ll be rewilding spaces, courses and events, where all people can become re-enchanted through their relationship with nature and themselves.We will reopen next year with an exciting new schedule of programmes and offerings including:

Talks, collaborations, festivals and workshops with leaders in the field of rewilding and regeneration; of culture, of the environment and of the individual

Revised and refreshed core programmes, deepening our inquiry into our connection to this land and to each other.

A digital membership network for the Embercombe community.

Outreach across the south-west region, to catalyse the movement of ecological rewilding.

At the core of everything, continues the concept of the children’s fire.  Our founder Mac Macartney talks about this in his latest book ‘The Children’s Fire, heart song of a people’  to be launched this autumn.During the coming months, we’ll be sharing our wilding journey and want you our community to join us in shaping the next part of Embercombe’s development.Here’s how:

Sign up to our newsletter now – the debate begins soon.

Join us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Embercombe/.  You’ll be able to join the conversation, keep up to date with developments and share our journey.

Get involved with the ‘Wild Embercombe’ collaboration. This is an open invitation to those with an interest in ‘rewilding’ to contribute to our growing think-tank. Calling all thinkers, speakers, ecologists, botanists, content publishers, artists, poets, photographers, bush-craft practitioners, biologists, activists, film-makers, biodiversity experts, writers (you get the picture). If you are interested in getting involved email us at marketing@embercombe.org

Talk to us. We’ll be sending a survey to your inbox soon. We know you have busy lives, but if you can find five minutes to spare, please tell us what you think is important and stay in touch.

Imagine the society we could create if we served people and nature first, and generated profits second. Mac Macartney