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Fermentation - Rewilding from the Inside

Online Masterclass from 29-30 October with fermentation pioneer, revivalist and author Sandor Katz

Rewilding camps
Join our Rewilding Camps

Join us as we learn how ecosystems work, and how to help them heal this Autumn and Winter

Wild Mind
Introduction to Wild Mind

Join this Online Masterclass as we explore the depths and potentials of the human psyche through the Wild Mind practices of wilderness guide Bill Plotkin

Wild Mind
Rewilding Through the Body

Join us for a 2 day workshop with pioneering embodiment specialist Philip Shepherd from 16 - 18 November

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Embercombe Online

The Blood Tales

The Blood Tales

Live Show
With Kate Joyner
27 October 2021
Fermentation - Rewilding from the Inside

Fermentation – Rewilding from the Inside

Fermentation - Rewilding from the Inside
Online workshop with Sandor Katz
29-30 October 2021
Introduction to Wild Mind

Introduction to Wild Mind

Wild Mind - Online Masterclass
with The Animas Valley Institute
19 -21 November 2021

Embercombe Online Upcoming Workshops

26th February - 28th November Contemporary Animism Online
1 year course
February - November
Sold Out
29th October - 30th October Fermentation – Rewilding from the Inside Book Now
19th November - 21st November Introduction to Wild Mind - Online Masterclass Book Now

Embercombe Online Free Talks

To participate sign up to the listed event. Free talks will also be streamed live on the Embercombe Facebook page.

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Past Recorded Workshops

Dreaming the wildfire

Dreaming the Wildfire Recorded Workshop

Dreaming the Wildfire - with Manda Scott
Recorded Workshop
Waking the dragons

Waking The Dragons Recorded Workshop

Waking the Dragons - with Andreas Kornevall
Recorded Workshop
Reclaiming the witch

Reclaiming the Witch Recorded Workshop

Reclaiming The Witch with Sharon Blackie
Recorded Workshop

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Fermentation – Rewilding from the Inside

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Sold Out
nature's cycle - by Virginia Lee

Introduction to Contemporary Animism Masterclass

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