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The Rewilding Training: Online Modules

The Rewilding Training is an in-depth residential and online rewilding training, giving you the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to be a rewilder.
If you are unable to commit to the whole programme, you are welcome to purchase between one and four of the online modules individually.

Module 1: The Context (UK Specific)

This module focuses on the context of rewilding in the UK. We will analyse the policies, politics and business models that have driven land use in this country, as well as the palaeoecology of Britain, taking a dive into what has historically shaped the UK landscape, such as the extinction of megafauna, and what our ancient ecosystems looked like. We will complete this module with an overview of rewilding, bust some common myths and establish how to make it all happen!

Facilitators: Nick Kersop Taylor (Exeter University), Rina Quinlan (Rewilding Consultant & Large Herbivore Working Group / Knepp Wildlife Safari Guide), Dominic Buscall (Wild Ken Hill) and Alastair Driver (Rewilding Specialist / Rewilding Britain)

Module 2: The State of The Land

This module focuses on ascertaining the state of the land and how to begin the planning process for a rewilding project. We will begin with observation of the land and will then utilise our time together to learn techniques for mapping, how to carry out surveys, what to do with the data collected and how to assess causes of degradation.

Facilitators: Ashleigh Brown (Ecosystem Restoration Communities), Laura Fairs (Embercombe / Devon Wildland), Mike Cooke (Ambios / Sharpham Rewilding), Alan Watson Featherstone (Ecologist / Founder of Trees for Life)

Module 5: Permissions, Human Hurdles and Social Challenges (UK Specific)

This module explores many of the social aspects of rewilding that need to be considered, such as ways of connecting with your neighbours, tips on overcoming local opposition, challenges and mindsets in terms of inclusivity, advocacy and the new systems needed for success. The module concludes with a look into how to find land to rewild.

Facilitators: Ivan de Klee (Nattergal / Knepp), Kate Morley (Exeter University / Devon Wildland / Rewilding Hill Crest), Rebecca Wrigley (Rewilding Britain), Ashleigh Brown (Ecosystem Restoration Communities), 

Module 6: Making an income from rewilding: Business Cases and Funding Streams

Our final online module focuses on how to earn an income from rewilding, looking at business cases and funding streams. We will review subsidies and agri-environment schemes, how to attract investment and alternative methods for funding rewilding projects.

Facilitators: Jack Skuse (Ambios / Sharpham Rewilding), Derek Gow (Rewilding Specialist / Rewilding Coombeshead), Dominic Buscall (Wild Ken Hill), Cain Blythe (Ecosulis, CreditNature)

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