Fire Ceremony at the time of Pandemic, Climate change and Uprising – with Jason Hine

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Join us on July 29th for a 2hr ceremony with Jason Hine an  earth based facilitator, coach, ceremonialist and gardener living in Devon.

Fire Ceremony at the time of Pandemic, Climate change and Uprising

To conclude our Online offerings this side of the holidays, we would like to invite you to a very special ritual with local ceremonialist Jason Hine, in which we will connect with Annwyn, the otherworld or the underworld, make fire ritual by evoking the “Need Fire”, ask for plagues to be lifted from the land and perhaps play a little tiny part in the reassembling of the universe.

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This event will last for 2 hours and will require preparation and items to bring.

Instructions for participants:

Please ritually cleanse and abstain from any excess before the ritual. You can go as deep as you wish or as fast and slow as you wish with this ceremony. Please bring your helpful and friendly mythbeings, your full adult responsibility, your embodied practice and your awareness.

Things you need to bring:

  • Most important is FIRE
  • Light a fire (safely) in your garden, on the land or in some kind of safe brazier, or suitable container inside.
  • Ideally the fire should be lit by friction, with a bow drill or hand drill.
  • If you can’t do this then fires lit in a respectful way by other means are ok too.
  • If its not possible to light a fire, light a candle
  • We will merge all our fires into one spirit fire so if you don’t have a physical fire you can still join this spirit fire.
  • Optional: Bring a gardening tool that is sacred to you
  • It’s helpful to know this word…it’s a magical word to lift curses. The word is pronounced UH-CROM-UH-COM-ER-AY.
  • I will let everyone practice it at the time…..
  • Also bring:
  • 7 sticks or wands
  • 4 sticks or wands to make equal armed cross (or make it out of rows of pebbles if you like)
  • 3 sticks (alternatively rows of rocks or pebbles) to make a triangle large enough to fit the food offerings in (e.g more than about six inches)
  • Water in a small ritual container or bowl
  • Something to represent the “otherworld”:  such as for example….a statue of a mythbeing that is meaningful to you, animal bones, feathers or anything that is represents the otherworld

Food offerings:

  • Offerings for the fire: butter, milk, cream or meat, honey or nuts (or appropriate substitutes for those who don’t use animal products)
  • Offerings for the faeries and mythbeings:
  • A glass of dark red wine, dark Bread, An apple and/or soft fruit if you have it
  • You don’t have dark bread… honey wheat or gluten free artisan bread is ok…..or any other good quality bread…home made is best but doesn’t have to be…..
  • In the story of Thomas the Rhymer…there is a ritual to lift a plague from the land and reconnect this world and the otherworld, the more than human world…this is what we will do….
  • In the story…they use dark bread and wine in the ritual…..if you haven’t got wine…acceptable exchanges include ale, beer and mead.. Those who wish to or who dislike alcohol could substitute whole organic milk or a drink with apple cider….or dark grape juice..or elderberry wine .or apple juice…(or if you don’t like any of those things choose something else with a good energy)….a small cupful will do but you can bring as much as you like…
  • For those who don’t have bread…acceptable exchanges for bread include boiled eggs, boiled or roasted root vegetables, roasted or boiled meats or nuts….
  • If you don’t have an Apple some other similar fruit is an acceptable exchange
  • “Dark” coloured food is good, honey is good too as an optional additional item if you have it.
  • These are traditional foods given

Don’t worry if you don’t have exactly the right thing…The main thing is that they have “spirit”…..a good and alive feeling to them.”

Jason Hine

Jason Hine

Jason Hine is an earth based facilitator, deep ecologist, gardener, ceremonialist and coach residing in the South West of England who helps people to connect with their mythic self and the sentient dreaming intelligence of the earth to find vision, overcome obstacles, build eco-communities and resolve inner and outer conflicts.

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