Grow the Grown Ups online connection week

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  • Grow the Grown Ups online connection week
     25/05/2020 - 29/05/2020
     10:00 am - 11:00 am
  • Donations
     25/05/2020 - 29/05/2020
     10:00 am - 11:00 am
  • Grow the Grown Ups Evening Sessions
     26/05/2020 - 28/05/2020
     7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Teen Sharing Circle
     26/05/2020 - 28/05/2020
     7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Grow The Grown Ups is our flagship programme for families, helping parents find the resources they need for conscious and connected parenting whilst providing safe and natural spaces for children.

We have postponed our May programme, until October, when we plan to gather together on the land at Embercombe again. Book Here.

Meanwhile our Grow the Grown Ups Team will be providing families with an hour to gather online each morning 10am – 11am, and with 2 evening adult only sessions 7:30 – 8:30pm during the half term week of May 25th – 29th. We are offering these sessions on a donation basis.

These session are for families who would like to reconnect with this wonderful work, and for those who would simply like to know more.

We will meet online in a closed Zoom group as if we are gathered together in the Stone Circle or “Centre Fire” (Embercombe’s group room).  We will light a candle to reconnect with the Children’s Fire and what really matters, and sing one of our camp songs.  We may reflect on what this time has brought us, and each day we will offer a mission for families to do at home.  We will also share a simple family activity that you can do at home while online.

You will need:

  • A candle
  • A piece of rope or string 1m
  • Your singing voice
  • Your creativity

We are also hosting 2 evening sessions for parents that week on Tuesday 26th and Thursday 28th May, from 7:30pm – 8:30pm.

These sessions are for adults only.  We will lead an awareness meditation, and create a supportive space for parents to reconnect with the heart of what matters.

There will be a parallel Listening Room for teenagers, with a separate Zoom link, at these times.  These will be held by Sabine Rademacher (DBS checked) and Miriam Annabelle.

You will need to book in to be invited to join the Zoom Groups for the mornings and the evening sessions.  We would love you to come to as many sessions during the week as you can, but it is fine to miss some and join in when you can.

Our GTG  team are offering this freely, but Embercombe will happily receive donations from those who can afford to, to help provide future bursaries for people affected by current events  (suggested donation £20 – £50 per family for the week).

Connect with our Facebook group to find and post helpful resources.

Notes for Online Yoga on Friday

Health and wellness

As with any normal yoga class, if you are unwell please rest instead of doing yoga.

If you have any injuries please do not take part in the yoga class.

Please read the attached disclaimer.

Home set up

Use a yoga mat or something similar.

Find a space at home where you will be undisturbed.

Turn your mobile phones off.

Have some water with you.

Make sure your laptop or equipment is fully charged so your equipment doesn’t run out during the session.

Please keep you lights on so I can see you.

Emails and web apps

Try to close all these items down on your devices so that you can have maximum performance with Zoom and no interruptions.

Meet the team

Miriam Rose – Crafts
Nick Price – Singer songwriter
David Smart-Knight – Mission keeper & site manager
Fiona Barnes – Embercombe connection
Christoffer de Graal – Open Mic host
Fran Andre – Family Singing
Suzy, Andy, Doro – Family Quest
Simon Seligman – Listening Partnerships
Helen Bourne – Setting Limits
Anna Cole – Special Time
Sabina Rademacher – Tween and Teen Sharing Circle

Joanna Watters

Joanna Watters

I’ve known about Embercombe since Spring 2008 when I was introduced by friends whose children were part of a Steiner school residential.  I loved what I found, how Embercombe’s core mission is to grow people, and to strengthen connection to where and how we live, and I felt inspired to bring another strand of work in addition to the already brilliant education work: to specifically and directly support parents with the challenges of parenting, and thereby acknowledge the place of conscious parenting in cutting edge activism.

With the support of others, I devised our Grow the Grown Ups programme, a residential family week specifically developed to support parents of young children into authentic realistic conscious parenting, valuing our connection to ourselves, to each other and to our environment.


Sabina Rademacher

I am a Love & Relationship Coach, passionately devoted and focus on all
aspects of love, such as: self love, relationships, separation and break ups.

I was always drawn to these questions: How do we relate? How do we
perceive? How do we communicate? How we can stay open and open up
again? How do we stay in the heart space?

Heart space is the place where you are empowered to be yourself, where you
can trust that whatever decision you make, is the right one.

When someone is in that heart space – they can’t hurt, hate or take advantage!

I show YOU, how being in the heart space opens you up to love more and be
loved more.

Miriam Annabelle

Miriam Annabelle

Miriam Annabelle is a facilitator and co-ordinator in wellness and the arts. She has worked extensively with people of all ages, having worked on a deeper level with women and young people in particular. It is this traditional age of initiation or rite of passage that she has a particular passion for, and being young herself, she has the approachable nature that supports this work. She currently runs mannami, an events and holistic wellbeing organisation working with elders, teachers, and people of pure heart. Her mission is to know true love, and let this heal the world.

Anna Cole

Anna Cole

Anna Cole, PhD, was born in the UK and emigrated as a child with her family to Australia. In 2001 she returned to live in the UK with her London-born husband. Anna has taught at Universities in Sydney, London and Brighton and worked as a consultant historian and co-writer of a documentary film recording Indigenous Australian women’s urban culture, short-listed for a United Nations Media Peace Award (November Films, 2010).

Since the birth of her daughter in 2004 and her son in 2006, Anna has focused much of her research and practice on the “emotional ultra-marathon—as Patty Wipfler calls it—of parenting”. Anna is deeply inspired by the Parenting by Connection approach and its gentle and effective way of marrying insights from recent neuroscience with over thirty years of practical, compassionate experience in listening to and supporting children and parents.

In January 2013, Anna became the first certified Parenting by Connection Instructor in the UK and runs in-person Building Emotional Understanding classes in the London, Brighton, and South East area. She has a particular interest in sharing the Parenting by Connection approach with economically disadvantaged inner-city London communities and with building wide-spread support for parents.

Helen Bourne

Helen Bourne

I have always believed in the crucial importance of our early years. This time makes a difference to our relationships and learning for the rest of our lives. At the centre is our parenting.

I have become increasingly passionate about parents and the amazing work that we all do. Parenting is not valued as it should be in our society and there is never enough support.

Our Grow the Grown Ups programme provides an amazing space to enjoy support, play and love in a beautiful and well loved environment.

Simon Seligman

Simon is introducing Listening Partnerships in the adult sessions. He is a life coach who has attended every year of the Grow the Grown Ups course at Embercombe with his family. He uses Hand in Hand tools in his parenting, coaching and for himself, having shared a fruitful Listening Partnership with the same partner weekly for several years.

Annelie Carver

Annelie Carver will be running the Family Yoga session. Annelie trained to become a yoga teacher in 2010. Annelie now runs Seventh Sense Healing, Yoga for Children and Exeter Loves Yoga. Annelie teaches yoga to adults, children, families and those with special educational needs. Annelie also teaches meditation and runs yoga retreats. Annelie provides nutrition advice, massage, reiki, AuraTransformation, crystal healing, chakra healing and runs monthly women’s’ healing circles.


If enjoyed our offerings and you are able to help, please help us to support those people who’s income has been interrupted by current events with bursary places on our future programmes.