Jon Young

Wholistic Culture – an Introduction to Acorn Leadership

In by Lore Wilson

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8 Shields will be holding a weekend workshop Wholistic Culture – an Introduction to Acorn Leadership with Jon Young at Embercombe on 11th and 12th March 2017.

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Have you been at events where there was a real connective buzz, where time raced by and you find it hard to leave at the end? Have you worked in a group where things felt well held, with everyone was bringing their gifts to support the whole in a good and clear way, meeting your needs and longings in a deep way? Would you like to learn how to make that happen every time for your events and communities?
The Acorn Leadership model uses archetypes and roles based on natural cycles to support events and groups to really come alive, creating a connective and wholistic field that meets us more fully.

We are excited to have Jon Young join us for this weekend event. Jon is the founder of the 8 Shields movement and the author of two books on nature connection. He has been developing this work for over 30 years, spending time with indigenous people around the world exploring the wisdom of connective culture and nature-based living.
During the weekend we offer a wholistic map for building teams, events and culture, born of the cycles of nature itself. You will be supported to journey through the 8 directions, focusing on the team aspect of the model ~ the ‘acorn’, in an experiential and embodied way through nature-based and culture-building practices.
This program is open to anyone new to 8 Shields, and will also be of benefit as a deepening or a refresher for people who have participated on an ‘Art of Mentoring’ or a ‘Nature Culture Regeneration’ weekend.We invite you wholeheartedly to join us for the weekend so that you can experience this model of connection and take it back to your lives, your work and your communities.

What can you expect from the weekend?

You will learn about the acorn model ~ how to work in roles within a team in a strong, clear and enjoyable container for running events, and how to take that into your communities. You will gain an understanding of connection modelling as well as a below-the-brain experience of being in connection with nature, yourself and each other as part of a bigger, wider community.

The course facilitation team – click here for biographies – Peter Cow, Rebecca Card, Klaudia van Gool, Robin Bowman, David Smart-Knight, Deborah Benham, Phil Greenwood and Jack Payne-Cook.

Cost including meals and Saturday night accommodation:

Waged £270, Well waged £295, Low waged £250