Wild Children

Embercombe Experience Weeks

Join us for a week in community with family and friends on the land of Embercombe.

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£560 per yurt – maximum occupancy 3 adults OR 2 adults and 3 children

Fee includes accommodation, food, snacks and activities



£320 per tent/van – maximum occupancy 3 adults OR 2 adults and 3 children

Fee includes food, snacks and activities


Vintage Van

(available October week only)
£480 per van – maximum occupancy 2 adults

Fee includes accommodation, food, snacks and activities


Is This For You?

As life gets busier, do you wonder what it would be like to slow down for a while?

Have you ever longed for a simpler life surrounded by friends and community?

Do you want to spend quality time with your loved ones?

Have you longed to drop your roles and responsibilities and be accepted as you are?

Have you longed for meaningful connection with nature and the changing seasons?

Do you long for a sense of belonging and meaning in life?

Do you want time to dream?

Do you want food to be a pleasure and an adventure that doesn’t cost the earth?

Do you want to sit round the fire, feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin, swim in the lake, run through the woods, laugh with the children and find once again a deep gratitude for the incredible gift that life is?

Join us for Experience Week!


What to Expect

From the moment you arrive you will be welcomed by the friendly Embercombe team who will do all they can to make you feel at home.

During the week there will be communal activities available which may include meditation, yoga, movement and dance, natural craft such as weaving, and creating ceremony. The schedule is relaxed allowing you time to mindfully participate or to rest and to create your own activities. You can stay in the valley or travel a little further to the moor and the coast, or walk and cycle in ur neighbouring forest.

Our delicious plant based menu is full of soul, designed by our chefs (and sometimes possibly you), with a passion for ethical and joyful food and a talent for leading you on a sensual cooking adventure.

So join us – old friends and new – as we bring our hearts and our hands together, to share food, stories, songs and silence; to be together in this magical place and experience the Embercombe way.

Wild Children

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Tawny Yurt Glamping

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