From the Kitchen – Summer

Like the garden, the kitchen is in a time of change. The new kitchen team consists of Robin (Kitchen Manager) Yaara and Jack (Kitchen Apprentices) Jenny (Head of House) and all the wonderful volunteers.

Summer is here!!!! This month has brought a lot of firsts for the year. The first BBQ – the first outside cooking – the first strawberries! The first opportunity to cook in the Linhay! And lots more.

We have had lots of different groups in in the last month. It has been challenging at times but great fun to think up new recipes to suit the specific groups. We have had some great triumphs and some ummm not so great triumphs…(Bulgar wheat salad). We have had wild garlic and nettle pesto coming out of our ears. With many different peoples recipes being made. A great success was our Moroccan Lamb Tagine! Which you can find the recipe here. Give it a go! It’s really yummy.

We are very much in the ‘Hungry Gap’ at the moment. We have used all of our winter veg reserves and are eagerly waiting for the beautiful produce our Garden team are growing for us. We have started to get through the first few spring/summer crop! Onions, strawberries, spinach, garlic tops and courgettes! So we are creating lots of delicious meals heavily involving this produce, whilst also being supplemented by the lovely organic produce we get from Riverford Organics.

The Linhay kitchen was brought into being with Wild Jam, who cooked up a 5 course extravaganza! Food, love and laughter was in abundance and a brilliant night was had by all involved.

With the increased amounts of groups the volunteers and wider Embercombe community have really rallied around the kitchen. With special mention to Jess, Marianna, Jez and Jim. And as always a massive thanks to Yaara and Jack for their continued amazing work! Thanks guys.

We hope that the coming months brings us beautiful veg, streaming sunshine, lots of BBQ’s and fire cooking and lots and lots of laughter!

All the best!

Kitchen Crew.