Galliant Men

Galliant Men: A Retreat of Integration

With Thurstan Crockett and Taylor Roark

Our vision is a world where men integrate all aspects of themselves to powerfully live their true nature and purpose; and through this, naturally serve themselves, their communities and the world.

This is a four-day residential retreat for men over the age of 18.

Dates and Times: 5 pm Thursday, October 3 – 2pm Sunday, October 6

Fee: residential £545

Limited bursary places are available at £410 on application.

Is This For You?

A complete man is one who consciously and powerfully chooses to integrate all aspects of himself, including his past, his wounds and limitations, his passions and his potential. To integrate fully, a man must use courage and strength to face his greatest challenge – himself. This requires honesty, reflection and compassion to allow the truth that lies within to emerge so that a man feels authentic and aligned and can share his gifts with the world.

As men, we can struggle with true integration because we carry wounds, stories from the past, perceived limitations and dysfunctions that we believe we must fix, change, or hide to be accepted, respected and loved as a man. And we can often assume that integration will be a weakening of self, revealing aspects of ourselves that we associate with shame, guilt or fear. It does not have to be like this.

To retreat means to draw in, to draw back and to leave the extremities. Integration is about wholeness, unity and alignment. This retreat is an opportunity for you to leave the extremities of daily life, to draw in and align to the wholeness and unity within you. Mobile phone coverage is practically non-existent onsite and you are invited to ditch the technology to be fully present and to integrate all of yourself, as you are.

Galliant Men

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What To Expect

The weekend is designed to facilitate your integration as a man through self-discovery, reflection and alignment while being immersed in the wonders of the natural world.

Using learnings and experiential techniques based in consciousness development, intuition and spiritual alchemy, you will learn to integrate your:

Stages of Man – Infancy, Adolescence, Maturity and Elderhood. Wherever we are on this path, we can learn to draw on the strengths and truths of all stages and to align our past and future into the present.

Golden child within – Throughout mythology and across spiritual traditions, innocence is revered as the true path to power, but has been largely discarded or discredited in the modern world. This is an opportunity to reconnect with the innocence of your golden child within.

Masculine archetypes – These are archetypes of energy and potential within all men across all cultures and ages – Lover, Warrior, Magician and King. They have functional and dysfunctional aspects and we may express them with healthy, deficient or excessive energy. They can provide a guide or blueprint for how we choose to live our lives.

Lower and higher spiritual aspects – Each of us inherently lives through both profane and divine aspects. It is impossible to forego one or the other and still lead a full life. The path to personal power is through synthesis and transformation.

Masculine and feminine energies – The universe, from atoms to galaxies, is built on the combination and balance of masculine and feminine energies. It is no different for each of us as human beings. To integrate ourselves, we must balance and incorporate the energies natural within us all.


Thurstan Crockett & Taylor Roark

Thurstan is a coach, mentor and retreat leader. Now an aspiring elder, he moved from Brighton to Cornwall in 2015 for a different kind of wild life. He set out to establish abandofbrothers in Cornwall and found a kindred spirit living three miles away, ready to do the same: more than 80 men there have now completed rites of passage into manhood. Meanwhile, Thurstan trained to become an accredited Natural Success coach in high-level creative living and began leading retreats.

A former Head of Sustainability in Brighton, he co-leads a seasonal programme of retreats – “In Through the Outdoors” – to re-connect leaders and visionaries working for a sustainable world with their vision and true purpose.

Taylor is an ambassador for transformational change in the world helping individuals and organisations to create conscious and meaningful end results. He is the Founder of Galliant Trainings, which guides and facilitates people and organisations to access their intuition and to live creatively through workshops, trainings and 1-to-1 coaching services.

Taylor has worked purposefully and consciously with intuition for over 10 years training with Maryann Madden, founder and director of The Inner Energy Centre in Brisbane, Australia. He has also been accredited to Level 4 Mastery through Natural Success Academy, founded and run by international best-selling author William Whitecloud.

Prior to Galliant Trainings, Taylor worked for nearly 20 years as a commercial lawyer and as a project developer and consultant in renewable energy projects around the world providing legal, strategic and commercial advice.

Thurstan and Taylor are both natural collaborators, with complementary personalities and teaching styles. Just as they met over a shared passion for boosting renewable energy and sustainability, so they are now coming together through a passion for men’s work, the insights of William Whitecloud’s Natural Success teachings and a commitment to truth, love and magic.

They have known each other for years, and recognise in one another the strength and vulnerability required for leadership that inspires compassion and right action. Working closely together over the past year, they manifested their collaborative potential while leading a group of fellow facilitators and coaches to powerful results.

In June, Taylor joined Thurstan on retreat in Cornwall for an intensive weekend journey into self-discovery. They developed a closer bond and a commitment to bring their experience and skills together to create this powerful retreat of integration for men.

If you have any questions please call Thurstan on +44 (0)7890 743 259 or Taylor on +44 (0)7773 194 031

Thurstan Crockett and Taylor Roark

Thurstan Crockett Taylor Roark

Upcoming Dates & Booking

If you have any questions please call

Thurstan on +44 (0)7890 743 259 or Taylor on +44 (0)7773 194 031

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