Glowing Embers

By Cath Austin of BeeBee Wraps

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I took my Journey in April 2015, and two years later I can still feel the powerful awakening of self-leadership. ‘Finding authenticity’ up to then was just a phrase to which I knew the definition but not the meaning. Authenticity breathed new life into me. Embercombe reinvigorated my connection to the land, my voice and people around me.

I started thinking in the most expansive way about our amazing world


Giving birth to my second child by all accounts should have left me without a moment to think, except the opposite happened. I started thinking in the most expansive way about our amazing world and how I could work with Mother Nature, not against her; lots and lots of ideas were flying around my head. I tried out a few, even holding a brilliantly fun campfire workshop where we bake cakes inside orange peel, (you can read about it here However there was one idea that just kept coming back.


BeeBee Wraps are organic cotton and beeswax food wraps. They are reusable, non-toxic and biodegradable. Most importantly they provide a sustainable alternative to plastic food wrap or clingfilm. After being introduced to beeswax wraps by a friend who found them made in New Zealand I set about researching the ingredients, finding the perfect recipe and making my own.

bread wrap

I am so thrilled to be starting a social venture that potentially could have a massive impact on reducing plastic use. Plastic overflows in landfill sites, litters our oceans, poisons our creatures, takes over 400 years to decompose and even then remains in tiny particles only to be reabsorbed by us! My mission is to reduce plastic pollution in our world by offering a beautiful alternative which not only does the job, it does the job better. And the ideas keep coming…

Thank you Embercombe. The embers of the fire still glow brightly!

You can find out more about Embercome’s Journey Programme here.

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