How to rewild on a smaller scale – Online webinar with Rewilding Britain

Watch this recent online webinar with Embercombe’s Rewilding Lead Laura Fairs as she joins Rewilding Britain‘s latest discussion and shares learnings on how to rewild a piece of land on a smaller scale here at Embercombe in Devon.

In this webinar, Rewilding Britain welcomed two Network members, Kate Morley from Hill Crest in Devon and Laura, to talk about how to rewild on a smaller scale. They discussed their experience and what they’ve learned from each of their projects in Devon to inspire other rewilders on their journey, and help to create a sense of community as this movement gains momentum.

Rewilding Britain offers regular webinars for Rewilding Network members, to help them turbocharge their rewilding, share tips and explore fascinating topics, get advice and support, share knowledge and experience, and connect with others who are working to rewild land around the UK. 

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