Inspiring Partners

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Since it’s conception, Embercombe has supported the University of Exeter’s One Planet MBA, inviting Masters students to explore the relationship between business, leadership and sustainability at a time when environmental, financial and social changes are challenging traditional business models.

Developed in partnership with WWF International, the One Planet MBA develops a new generation of business leaders equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding required to create, build and develop sustainable, profitable businesses capable of succeeding in a fast changing international business landscape.

Engaging with the business leaders of the future, giving them space to really connect with themselves, align to their true values and vision what a more sustainable way of business could look like, is key to Embercombe’s mission. Read more about the One Planet MBA

Edventure Edventure-Frome-Logo

Edventure is a social enterprise supporting young adults to take initiative and create viable, sustainable futures for themselves and their communities.
Edventure runs educational programmes, and together with our apprentices, students and volunteers we create projects and social enterprises that:

  1. provide a training ground and learning opportunitie
  2. create positive social and environmental impact and benefit the community
  3. generate revenue for Edventure enabling us to offer our training for free, and cover expenses of our apprentices

The founders of Edventure have also been involved in setting up the Catalyst Course and with other aspects of Embercombe’s work. Edventure has been a response to the question of how to transform committed action for a sustainable world into a workable livelihood that is embedded in people’s local communities. Embercombe’s network has been instrumental in incubating the idea. Read more about Edventure.


LIFEbeat is a registered charity who’s mission is to improve the emotional wellbeing of young people – giving them the skills and inspiration to overcome the challenges they face, to navigate the divisions in society and to lead confident, healthy and purposeful lives.

Summer camps for 14-18 year olds are the heart of the LIFEbeat programme. They enable participants to challenge themselves; develop new skills, expand their creativity and make friends for life. Camps are set at Stanford Hall in Leicestershire and Embercombe in Devon.

LIFEbeat offers a highly successful a peer mentoring programme designed to train and support programme alumni to make a transition into the adult staff teams and community.

LIFEbeat deliberately works with as diverse a population of young people and adults as possible. Building bridges across perceived lines of difference in our society is a core part of what we do.

static1.squarespace.comInner Rehabilitation

A group of mindful leaders (prisoners) in the largest maximum security prison of Kenya, Naivasha, are transforming themselves, their fellow inmates, the institution and even people outside prison. They are change agents and they are leading a mindfulness revolution within the jail that can be felt outside their prison walls.

This revolutionary work is a fruit of a four way partnership between The African Prison Project, an organisation which develops leaders and makes prisons places of positive transformation, Exeter University, Kenya Prison Services and Embercombe.

The seed was planted in a pledge by a participant on The Journey programme at Embercombe and has led full circle to the senior managers from the Kenyan Prison System being trained amongst the trees and by the lake, on this beautiful land.

….Find out more here!

For further information on the Inner Rehabilitation project between the African Prisons Project, Exeter University, Embercombe and the Kenyan Prison System visit . To donate to the African Prisons Project please visit

Students & Refugees Together: STARTstart-logo

START’s mission is to work in partnership with families, individuals and organisations to facilitate the transition of refugees from people in need to self reliant contributors to their local communities. START recognises the skills and experiences that refugees bring to their local communities. As a learning organisation, START uniquely utilises the student placement as a resource which together with the strengths and skills of the community, we work out what support is needed and how to achieve it. Read more about STARTS work with refugees.

START works in collaboration with Embercombe to bring refugees from Plymouth to work alongside the Embercombe community for 12 weeks of the year, in Spring and Autumn. Their contribution to Embercombe is substantial and they become valued members of the community during their time with us.