Introductory Spinning and Weaving

With Rosemary Riedel O’Brien

Join us for an introductory Spinning and Weaving workshop on the Land using locally sourced wools and ancestral hand craft techniques. Using a wooden drop spindle you will learn to spin your own yarn and weave it onto a simple easy-to-make loom, creating your own land inspired cloth. 

11th June - 11th June 11th June 2023 with Rosemary Riedel O’Brien Book Now

Is this for you?

We will explore the ritual of craft, the vital lessons of slow making and the beauty inherent in coming together to create. There will be space to expand your creative expression, learn skills that you can later develop and connect to the elements that surround us, paying homage to their life-giving nature. These skills can then be taken away to continue the learning journey at home and in nature.

What will you learn?

This is an introduction to spinning and weaving with no previous experience required. If you have any learning needs please get in touch, Rose will be happy to explore how to support your learning together. 

Rose’s approach to holding workshops is to make them as explorative, informal and accessible as possible. Together as a group we will create a positive and joyful learning environment with plenty of space for questions, play and creative expression. Weaving and spinning are deeply relaxing processes that can induce a calming and soothing state of mind and body. 

What to bring

  • Sturdy Footwear 
  • Hat, Sun-cream, Warm comfortable Clothes & Waterproofs 
  • Packed Lunch and snacks
  • Water

Sunday, 11 June 2023

£66 Regular
£78 Supporter

Facilitator details

Rosemary Riedel O’Brien

Rosemary Riedel O’Brien is a multi disciplinary Artist specialising in hand spinning, weaving and natural dye techniques. Rosemary’s work is inspired by the Earth and elements. She works with heritage slow craft processes to combine ethical materials, spirituality and raw creativity- an alchemical combination that forms her bespoke textiles and workshops that are rooted in reverence and authenticity. She has been weaving for 5 years and started her textiles business, Wild Rose Weaving, after completing a 6 month apprenticeship at the Bright Moon studio with Artist Maker Imogen Bright Moon in Brighton. She now lives near Dartmoor, England and continues to deepen her practice.