Landscapes of Making

Do you long to deepen your relationship to the land through the act of making? Are you interested in cultivating a reciprocal way of being that feeds the more-than-human world as much as we receive from them?   

Nature offers us the constant reflection and inspiration that we are innately creative – and that our human creativity has a home and purpose within the wider, wilder landscape of beings. When we connect with this bone-deep knowing, our hands and heart are guided by the creative force inherent in all life and infused by the memory of those before us whose lives depended on transforming raw materials into functional artefacts and offerings of beauty.

With Isla Macleod, Elizabeth Crawford and Caroline Ross

7th August - 11th August Landscapes of Making Book Now

Through the awakening of senses, skill and celebration, Landscapes of Making will reconnect you with the raw materials beneath your feet. We will uncover the relationships that are possible when we approach the earth’s generosity in a spirit of gratitude and reciprocity, kindling a practice of elemental ritual to accompany our practical explorations. Craft, play, story and presence will anchor us in place and deepen our intimacy with the land, each other, and with our own inner journeys. 

We will gather in the waning days of summer, the season of harvest, when the bounty of the earth is rich, to enter into an ancient conversation with material. We will be asking: can the harvesting and using of materials give as much to the land as it takes? How do we relate with our creativity and the act of making? What is ripening in our own lives at this time, and what inner materials do we wish to transform?    

Our time together will be held in ceremony, to encourage us to be intentional with our approach to gathering and making, to listen deeply to the land and to be receptive to inspiration that guides us how to co-create with and honour life. The days will be layered with the learning of craft skills including basketry, paint and ink making and wild weaving, alongside song, ritual, the sharing of stories and walking the land. You will learn about the plants and minerals local to Embercombe that can be used for making, and the processes necessary to unlock their potential and create in a collaborative way with the natural world.

Is this for you?

If you wrestle with the consumption focused material culture that permeates our modern world; if you find yourself estranged from the creative processes that shape our made environment, blinded by global commerce and industry to the origins and stories of the objects that populate our lives; if you believe that we can craft an abundant, regenerative and vital living culture, following the wisdom of our hands and voices back towards a state of belonging and wholeness, then this program is for you!  

No experience is necessary, just the willingness to be curious and playful so that your innate creativity can be revealed.  

What you will gain

Through this course you will receive a wellspring of inspiration and practical tools to encourage you to live a more creative, intentional and reciprocal life that is rooted in the natural world. Your eyes will be opened to the ongoing invitation from the more-than-human world to collaborate and how to nurture a more intimate and playful relationship with your local landscape that restores wholeness and an embodied sense of belonging.

You will return home with handmade artefacts from the land, including a handcrafted basket of art materials and sacred objects that represent the fruits of your harvest and carry the seeds for your onward creative journey. You will have new skills for continuing to explore the making process, knowledge of how to create restorative, earth-honouring ceremony in your day-to-day life, and a newly forged community of human and more-than-human connections. 

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Key information:

7 – 11 August 2024

Arrival at 2pm – Departure at 2pm

Accommodation is at Embercombe in shared or single occupancy yurts or camping (bring your own tent).

£850 Regular Ticket
£700 Discounted Ticket

Interest-free payment plans available, please see below.

Limited bursary places are available for £580 on application

In order to increase accessibility to our Programmes, we are delighted to offer interest-free payment plans to allow you to spread the cost of a Balance Ticket over a number of months. If you would like to utilise this option, please purchase a Deposit Ticket for the programme and then click here to set up your personalised interest-free Payment Plan for the Balance Payment.


Isla Macleod

Isla Macleod is a ceremonialist, ritual designer, author and companion at thresholds, devoted to restoring the Sacred and the tending and crafting of a soulful life.    

Isla’s work has evolved from an ongoing exploration of what gives meaning to human life and the ways that we belong to this earth; weaving together the strands of animism, indigenous wisdom, creativity, spiritual practice and life-honouring ceremony. She acts as a bridge between worlds, mending and re-membering ancient pathways that help heal the illusion of separation with the natural and spiritual worlds, and within ourselves. As was the role of the olde medicine folk, Isla acts as an intermediary between the human community & the larger ecological field to ensure these relationships are balanced & reciprocal.    

Holding seasonal and bespoke ceremonies, rites of passage, ritual crafting workshops, guided healing journeys, pilgrimages, soul-making retreats and mentoring are some of the pathways Isla weaves in the world.    

Her book ‘Rituals for Life’ is a guide for honouring our natural transitions and cultivating more connection, purpose and creativity in everyday life. 

Elizabeth Crawford

Elizabeth is a basket maker, teacher and herbalist. Her work revolves around plants and our human relationship to the green world as a foundation of creativity, healing and belonging. Elizabeth’s basketry practice is rooted in a desire to rediscover the potential and diversity of locally foraged plants as materials, and the beauty we can craft using just our hands and a few simple tools. Her sculptural bags are both functional and ornamental, and are intended to platform often overlooked plants, inspiring interest and deeper engagement with the natural world. 

In taught workshops, Elizabeth seeks to create a space where the meditative and somatic elements of weaving and plant connection can be explored, giving space for reflection and stirring our innate and ancient human capacities.  

Elizabeth won the ‘Basketry of the Year – Contemporary Category’ competition in 2022, awarded by the Worshipful Company of Basketmakers, and the Green Maker Initiative Award in 2023. She has a degree in Herbal Medicine.  Elizabeth lives simply and in service to her craft in a caravan in South Devon.

Caroline Ross

Caroline Ross is an artist and writer living by the sea in Bournemouth. Her debut book ‘Found and Ground: A Practical Guide to Making your own Foraged Paints’ was published by Search Press in June 2023. Using what nature provides and repurposing what humans discard are a large part of her practice. After the rooks have feasted on the riverbank, the empty mussel shells become paint palettes. The seasonally moulted flight feathers of local swans and geese become quill pens and brushes. Chalk dug out from their setts by badgers is left in piles in the woods, where she gathers it and take it home to make gouache. Caroline makes paints from foraged earth pigments from around the UK, and art tools and inks from natural, wild, and found materials such as oak galls, rusty nails, elderberries, bay leaves and cherry tree gum. The natural fluctuations of materials and the botanical ink stains or ochre washes forming prepared grounds on paper, all suggest forms with which she works. 

Caroline teaches workshops on many aspects of art, as well as how to make many wild-crafted art materials. Her drawings, paintings and illustrations can be found in books, online periodicals, and private collections. She is a regular contributor and member of the Dark Mountain Project and has had many pieces published in their books since 2015.

Your stay at Embercombe

Embercombe is a beautiful 50 acre rewilding estate on the edge of Dartmoor. It is a place to find a deep connection with nature – wild nature around us and wild nature within us. Our land is a mix of nature scapes to reconnect with, from mature oak woodlands that are over 150 years old, meadows and pastures, to various fruit orchards and gardens to explore, as well as our sacred stone circle and sacred well to seek counsel from. It is a place for nature connection, self development, inspiration and engaging in nature. 

Accommodation and facilities

You will stay in one of our beautiful yurt villages. Each yurt is furnished with comfortable beds and a wood fired stove. Both yurt villages have compost toilets and running water. Full bathroom facilities with hot showers are available in the main building.


All your meals are included. Organic, vegetarian food is lovingly prepared on site using produce from the Embercombe garden wherever possible. Special diets are adeptly catered for. Please indicate if you require this on your booking form.

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