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What is the zoom link for the next online session?

The link will be the same one for all of the online sessions from now. This one:



What is the difference between the Online and Residential Programmes?

Online participants will be attending all online sessions until November.

Residential participants will be attending 2 residentials, one in July and one in February.

Whilst both are apprenticeships in that we will be studying theory and practice, learning usable skills, from a range of practitioners in Contemporary Animism, the latter is more practice-based and will include contact time with the lead facilitators Angharad and Colin.

The Residential programme is now fully booked and there is a waiting list for this year.


How will the mentorship happen?

The Residential participants will also have 1:1 contact time with the facilitators in the form of mentorship – more details on this will be sent out shortly.


What will be the learning structure for the programme?

The outcome of the year is to develop and deepen our relationship with (a) place.

In online sessions we will hear from different perspectives on this relationship from different contributors, selected because of their knowledge and skill in this subject area.

We will be given different practices from different traditions as homework.

In online sessions we will have time for small-group sharing of this deepening experience and relationship.

In between sessions we encourage you to share on a regular basis, at least once monthly, with a listening partner.

We also encourage you to use the Facebook  page for sharing images, poems, essays, videos, podcasts, books that inspire you. This is our way of creating community, creating a movement, creating resources for Contemporary Animism over time.


Who are the different contributors and what role will they play?

Angharad and Colin are our two lead facilitators and navigators, supported by Rachel and Emma.

All other contributors will give sessions and teachings online – as selection will attend the residentials.


What are the timings for the online sessions and can they be changed?

From now until the end of the programme the online sessions will be on Wednesday evenings. We have chosen 7.30 – 9.30 to be as inclusive as possible for people in different countries, for those who work, care for children and for our own staffing.

If you are not able to attend for any reason, the recordings are sent either the same night or the next morning so you can catch up immediately. All previous recordings are available on the resource page of our website.


Why are the sessions recorded and who will see them?

The recordings are only for people who are signed up for these programmes and sent out so that anyone who misses a session can catch up. We also make the sessions available  on request to the contributors, so that they can design their sessions to be of best use to the programme.


Why are some parts of the sessions not recorded?

If we are covering sacred materials such as ceremonies, praise poems or divinations we will stop recording. If there is personal sharing that might be sensitive, we will stop recording. We ask that anyone who does not want to be recorded, bears in mind that generally we will be recording, so ask questions in chat, turn off video, etc.

What should I do if I want to get hold of other participants?

The best way to do this is through the Facebook page or using the chat function during live sessions.


How often should I meet with my listening partner?

We recommend at least monthly – but to be agreed between the two of you.


What should I do if I don’t have a listening partner or need to change for some reason?

The best way to arrange this is through the Facebook page or in the chat of an online session.


Am I able to post and ask questions on the Facebook page or is this just for facilitators?

The Facebook page is for the whole community to share resources. We see this as a place for content rather than personal sharing. Small groups and listening partnerships are available for more personal sharing and support.


To what extent will we be ‘held’ during this programme?

These programmes are meant as a collective enquiry on the theory and practice of Contemporary Animism. We are not able to provide a held therapeutic space.

It may be that the work triggers personal dynamics that you feel are beyond the ability of small groups or your listening partnerships to hold. Should this happen for you, we will do our best to assist and provide support and signposting to further help, but we do ask that each participant is responsible for their own process.


Which contributors will be joining and when?

The Online Schedule is below along with dates and times, look forward to seeing you there.


7 March: Colin Campbell

Divination and reading of the bones for the group

14 April: Angharad Wynne

Animism of the British Isles – talk and practice

19 May:  Carolyn Hillyer

Songs of the Land

16 June: Colin Campbell

Animism of the African Traditions – talk and practice

14 July: Stephan Harding

The Science of Animism – Gaia

15 September: Andy Letcher

The Magic of Animism

20 October: to be confirmed – likely Pat McCabe

Animism of the North American Traditions – talk and practice

17 November: Colin & Angharad

Drawing the Threads

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