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so pleased be to here from Glasgow Scotland
misty Yorkshire
Hello from west Wiltshire
from Somerset
Hello from Austin TX.
Hi from Carrboro North Carolina!
Hello from Brighton
Hi everyone from just outside of Edinburgh in Scotland! Amazing to see all these faces!
Hello from London!
Hi folks please make sure you are all on mute please x
is there a time frame this understanding was attached too? What centure are we in here? Thanks!
Were there witch trial in Ireland at this time?
What other positive attributes were associated with witchcraft orighinally?
I wonder how we understand the role of a belief in otherworldly spirits in the accusations against witches? It’s interesting that this belief was in a sense criminal and yet seems to be requisite for a person accusing another person of witchcraft
I guess whatever the time or circumstance or narrative attached – this is just another example of ‘othering’ – born of fear.
You talk about stereotypes – presumably all the early reports are written by men could you please point us to any early female-authored accounts? Are they very different?
Can you say a bit about the fairies? What exactly are these beings in the context of witches?
Silvia Federici talks about accusations of witchcraft having the effect of suppressing women’s cultural knowledge and power and causing a split and suspicion between men and women… And how this helped to suppress commons living and enable enclosure. Do you think this true or is it over emphasised?
Scotland Gallic but hot spot for witch trials?
Sharon is there any signs of witch activities in South America at all? How does it relate to the female shamans (in case there is any relationship)?
Was the accusation of witchcraft often attached to problems within families? Problems that today would lead to divorce or child protective services being involved but then might have lead to accusations of a woman causing harm to her community/family? I’m wondering what were people actually accused of doing? (I’m a recovering defense attorney 🙂
Where can I read more about this updated history? Thank you
Re commons/enclosure Nick Hayes’ new book The Book of Trespass has a chapter which looks at women’s connection with the land and the grouping of “witches” with various other “vagabonds”. Interesting book that draws a lot of threads together.
I wonder about the developing association of gypsies with witchcraft and persecution as they travelled throughout Europe.. are there specific early instances of this?
So so interesting already thank you Sharon
Thanks Niusia
The 2 books Sharon just mentioned x
Thanks Niusia
I think the second book is actually The Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton
and NOT Margot Adler’s Drawing Down the Moon which is completely different and not current
Ronald Hutton’s work in general is worth exploring. He’s excellent.
Thanks Heather!
what was his name again? who is being discussed right now?
Jacques surname again?
Jules Michelet
Please also look up the incredible writings of Silvia Federici – witches witch-hunting and women – and Caliban and the Witch which was mentioned earlier
Oh – I LOVE Silvia Federici….
Whats the name of Michelet’s book again?
La Sorcière
This appears to be a “current” translation into English:
Thanks Heather!
You’re welcome 🙂
Starhawk’s most famous work is probably The Spiral Dance but her novels (particularly The Fifth Sacred Thing) are also really interesting to delve into
Starhawk’s Earth Activist Training –