Session 2 Chat

In by Lore Wilson

Hi all yes recording will be made available 🙂
Re gypsies and relation to witchcraft Queen Mary passed an ‘Egyptians Act’ legislation against a people who ply “devilish and naughty practices”
What is the Facebook group @Sundy?
the Silver Tent
Big fan of Lilith here!
Loooove “bad bitch” energy
how do I raise my hand please?
it’s in the participants section
Found it thanks!
Like in family constellations
So powerful Sara Saunders thank you
Is there a story you can point to for that?!
Yes – thanks Sara that was wonderful insight
Regarding the mythology of healing of course there is Chiron but Chariklo as an archetype has been appearing more and more
Thanks Claire
Who is the modern Jungian?
James Hillman
I really mourned this phase so acutely when I was newly married with young kids…
The Red Shoes
So many young women in current culture embodying this – Malala comes to mind
Does the Diana/Artemis story have Lilith associations?
Lyra Belaqua
Arachne weaving the truth about the gods and being turned into the first spider to weave eternally
white buffalo woman
Mary Madeline
Serafina Peccala
I think of the attachment wound of feeling fundamentally unsafe when we are not supported/approved of by our caretakers and perhaps the power of the witch being derived from the ability to obtain this security in relationship with the natural world. It cannot be taken away by others’ disapproval. A modern proponent of this power is Asia Suler
Sefefina Pekala
Wonder woman 🙂
Fuschia from Gormenghast.
Jane Eyre
Elen of the Ways
abandonment can facilitate this
Tatterhood! Yes!
AOC – Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
Yes Tatterhood for sure
AOC came to my mind too! Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
Hermione granger
Tiffany Aching
pippy longstocking
yes to Pippy and Tiffany!
Diana cosset
Enid Blyton stories inspired me
Alice in Wonderland – inspired that you can see/do things differently
Margaret Thursday in Thursday’s Child
Young Cheryl Strayed in Wild
Jessica Dore (on Instagram @thejessicadore) has amazing maiden energy and brings a new interpretation to tarot through the lens of psychology and myth/folklore very illuminating if anyone’s interested.
Liz Williams’ “Miracles of Our Own Making” is a 2020 publication giving a history of Paganism and Witchcraft.
(Ronald Hutton thought it was very good. I’m reading it and am enjoying it; it’s excellent so far.)
Thanks Heather
the feeling of being whole in ourselves
belonged to yourself whole and complete
I take inspiration from my 8 year old daughter
Truth to oneself
the possibilities of being free
Trusting own instincts. Inner knowing
speaking our truth
Feeling self-resourceful.
Brave facing fear
personal power
Letting go of fear
staying connected to source as a young person ..a delay in the programming
The idea that before being repressed there is inherently something strong and whole that doesn’t need to be achieved
Allowing us to manifest our full potential so often we hold ourselves back through fear
Reconnecting with my power through deep connection to the land
This really inspires an archatype for women who do not have children.
Steckley yes!
remaining whole
owning its place
the freedom the lack of expectation to conform; the energy and fearlessness
empowerment and focus
Connecting with our natural cycles…moon etc
autonomy and wild-ness in the wilderness
Allowing and embracing our vulnerability as a re-inforcer of our courage.
In our group we talked about finding others with whom we feel safe and letting that safety create expansion and connection with others.
reconnecting to my pure self connection to Source sovereignty
I’m new to the archetypes but this feels closest to the thing that I’ve been trying to understand more connected to nature land and trees than humans. Seeing and removing the constraints put on my by society/families etc.
I only had brothers so being this felt natural and encouraged
Being connected and in service to our wider community
It beckons the concept of beginner’s mind for me. There is so much freedom there. The feeling of exploration and being unbound.
older women can come out of the programme …just as valid
I have just reached the age of 50 and completed a 28 year career in public service. I am feeling the pull towards stepping back into the archetype of Artemis/Diana. Definitely a time of transition/
I think it’s very important to connect with men and still be true to ourselves rather than disconnect and constantly fight with them
Also inspires me in loving the teens who are demanding freedom and living differently; rejecting the ways that got us into these problems. Inspires me to really value the mutual support of all ages…all stages are important..interdependence not independence.
Interesting read – 21 year old Plymouth woman Florence Given –
For everyone interested in the childless woman archetype … brilliant Pinterest board with inspiring child free (by choice) and childless not by choice women
Looks great Victoria! Thanks
The worlds own becoming – love that
Yes the world’s own becoming!
teen year so important in becoming and so easily messed up
Having had to parent my mother as a child and now with my own children to move out of the home in a few years I love the idea of getting a 2nd chance at my own childhood at the age of 50 but with the benefit of experience behind me!
I’ve always been a crone-witch on the inside. 🙂
In regard to Remembering… Also re-membering putting back together the pieces. Soul retrieval from a shamanic perspective.
I love that idea of the essence of self
And a great article on the criticality of teenage rebellion ….
I was given so much freedom as a child …I didn’t choose to see it as abandonment and neglect I did get connected in the land ..I was less programmed ..that came with marriage and children
I think it was Walt Whitman who said: to sing the song of myself
I am interested in this relationship/tension between what we can access directly through connection with the natural world as well as the innate wisdom of our own bodies and creativity; and the transmission of wisdom/practices across the generations the role of teachers/mentors/lineage to pass this on…
Funny I was thinking about how broken the education system is and thinking of what education really means. This concept of gnosis is key.
choosing what to take responsibility for …
#Thats beautiful “practice being oneself”….
aho x