Session 3 Chat

In by Lore Wilson
spiralling very prevalent for me for sure
I agree I’m in my 60s and feel a very strong pull back to my beginnings in order to assess and move forward more confidently.
Re “composting our own shit” I should credit bell hooks (couldn’t remember where I had heard this before):
Any advice on cultivating hagitude while still in that hectic motherhood phase? I don’t want to wait 25 years!
jean shinoda Boleyn talks of menopause as being when women retain their generative blood to create wisdom for our community
Thanks Claire for that link
Wow Jo I don’t know Jean Shineda Bolen at all and that is such a great reference thank you. Do you happen to know which of her writings that is from?
sorry can’t remember.
I want to mention a book called The Lady’s Handbook For Her Mysterious Illness by Sarah Raimey – it doesn’t talk about menopause but I was just about to pre-empt you Sharon about menopause being seen as an “illness”. Sarah talks fluently and comprehensively about “mystery illnesses” and the lack of medical research into them (fibromyalgia chronic fatigue lupus etc.) because they predominantly affect women so there is no impetus from science/the medical establishment to investigate further. Also the concept of female hormones is generally thought of as being too complex and not reliable for a “control” in a scientific experiment. Hormones “mess” with the data. The School of Shamanic Womancraft is a ‘Womens Mysteries School. Founder is Jane Hardwick Collings
Amy possibly Crones Don’t Whine by Jean Shinoda Bolen
Is it this one?
Red Moon Passage is Bonnie Horrigan I think? Brilliant book just finished it (peri menopausal – will be reading once a year for some time)
Thanks everyone these are all lovely knowledges. Cooked in the fires of menopause ❤️
yes I think Paula Gunn Allen is a contributer. great book
Yes she is Jo I remember that now Remembering the ancient cyclical ‘maps’ that govern our living. A deep exploration of our body wisdom. and inner knowing and the wisdom of the cycles: the seasons lunar phases menstruality and our rites of passage ~ birth
I just pulled the High Priestess from my deck.
How do we live out in the world while in this liminal internal space?
what does spey mean?
bean feasa
did the bean feasa remain when the church was in power
Can you recommend any reading about Bean Feasa please Sharon? I like the sound of her!
Morgan Le Fay is the old woman enchantress in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight written about 1400
Gearoid O Cruaoilich The book of the Cailleach
Is the wicked step mother a shadow medial woman?
Thank you so much
Sealskin Soulskin would be a medial women? Turning within to her soul..
can one of the Embercombe staff do a list of all these references Please… so much gold in here
Love the medial woman archetype! This is the phase I’m in now and what you have said has helped me understand a lot of what’s been going on for me in the past couple of years.
yes it is. clarissa
at 49 this really resonates and is showing up in my life and work
I was thinking Fairy Godmother as well as wicked stepmother..? or is she more crone?
I am her! I wish I had known this was what was happening… could have saved a fortune on psychotherapy in the past few years… haha. 😀
Slightly tangential but I’m wondering about the ‘craft’ in witchcraft and the notion that there are specific skills to be learned honed and put to use vs. the idea of a witch lineage with inherited abilities.
Is also the Selike reclaiming her youth archetype?
Is the Hen Wife a Meddele woman? What about the Rainbow MOther?
Sharon your selfie wife story feels perfect
excuse my spelling…
Wonderful liberating stage. But to Cindy’s question earlier – a little difficult to navigate being out in the world when all you want to do is go inwards …
modern day …sitting within the culture and being different
What are the differences between the shadow of the Virgin Witch and the medial witch?
As someone who passed through menopause in the space of one week as a result of chemo I think that menopause is not the only form of initiation to this medial phase.
This Medial Phase also seems to be about community…
Thank you
Jane Goodall
Miriam Margolyes?
Dame Maggie Smith — and her character Minerva McGonagall
I know women (Dakini’s) who are post menopause who initiate young men into the feminine mysteries and sexuality with others. This was the way in many tribes.
Mary Oliver
I often wonder about Charlotte Bronte – what she could have become/written had she lived into elderhood
Maya Angelou; Gloria Steinham; Patti Smith; Dolly Parton…
Patti Smith… oh yes.
are there out of interest equivalent stories of masculine elders?
She who eats the stars!
Watched this the other day – kind of a little uncomfortable as it’s a very white privileged family living amongst “elders” across the world; but grateful that this allowed them to record some of the wisdom from elders of various cultures
Lady Ragnell
Good Man x
International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers
Baba Yaga is fabulous. 😀
ask Baba Yaga fabulous imagining of her as an agony aunt! magical
Hansel & Gretals witch?
Deborah Blake has written an interesting series of urban fantasy novels featuring the Baba Yaga 😀
Ask Baba Yaga by Taisia Kitaiskaia
I am modelling my life on Granny too.
Chariklo who I mentioned earlier also means “graceful spinner”. The weavers remind me of the character Amaranta in Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. After encountering a vision of death a figure who looks like one of her ancestors she knows that she must make her own funeral shroud and also that when she finishes it she will die. She is already in old age but she works in great detail on the lace
I met Sir Terry years ago and had a long conversation with him about his witches and Granny in particular and it was so good. 😀 I was very blessed.
Excellent il” join the Granny club although I may be more Nanny Ogg.
What are the names of the Granny Weatherwax books?
Wyrd Sisters Witches Abroad…
And others! But those are the ones that jump to the front of my mind immediately.
Thank you1
Terry Prachett’s Witches Books: Equal Rites Wyrd Sisters Witches Abroad Lords and Ladies Maskerade
nanny ogg
Pema Chodron
Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching Books: The Wee Free Men A Hat Full of Sky Wintersmith I Shall Wear Midnight The Shepherd’s Crown
mother shipton in Knaresborough
Who is the author Sharon? We could not see the author’s name
My two grandmothers very blessed to have known them
My ‘To read’ book pile is growing very fast here!
Mine too Liane!
Nanny McPhee
Mary Oliver
I’m hit by the lack of stories I know about old women…I loved my grandmother and on or her old friends…also and old artist named Mama Johnson in Florida
Ask Baba Yaga by Taisia Kitaiskaia
ask baba yaga
Clarissa pinkola Estes
presence maybe an option for power?
My maternal grandmother…
Strega nona
The Aunts from Practical Magic
yes I typed it
Rebecca Solnit
Tove Janson
Bless Me Ultima
Jane Goodall
Maggie Smith!
Marion Woodman
Silvia Federici Elizabeth Povanelli Denise Ferreira Da Silva Hortense Spillers Donna Haraway
Minerva McGonagall
Mary Beard
the grandmother in Moana
I also love Alice Hoffman’s novels — some of them are magical realism and have a variety of archetypes in the characters
Leonora Carrington Paula Rego
Aunt Frances and Aunt Jett in Practical Magic <3
Giorgia O’Kieffe
Katharine Hepburn
I also like Liria the magic shop owner in the film The Craft
My grandmother taught us to look after the community forever going down the road to look after all ‘The Old Dears’. i think she started my visions of Eldership as a community role to be cherished
Also Molly Weasley in HP. More of a medial woman maybe though
I’m afraid i’m going to miss this discussion and hope to return later – this is so enjoyable.
Can you repeat first one
Can I just check finishing time? 4pm or 5pm?
I need a break now so won’t be joining group discussion.